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How To Potty-Bell Train Your Dog

Five steps to encourage your dog to join the craze

It's the latest craze! Dogs across America are literally ringing doorbells! But, no, they’re not ringing and running (although that would be hilarious), or even ringing for a visit – they’re ringing to communicate their potty needs. And not only are the Potty Bells dog training bells eliminating common housetraining complaints, they are also building positive relationships, are an impressive topic of conversation when company visits, and make for some really proud moments to catch on video.

Follow these easy steps to have your pooch ringing in a matter of hours, just like Jennifer's French Bulldog puppy, Milo. See the proud moment here.

There are different ways to use potty bells. Some dogs will learn just by having the Potty Bells hanging on the door and shaking them before heading out to potty. Find the method that works best for you! We'd love to hear your feedback!

Step 1: Hang your Potty Bells from the door handle. Hold the strap in your hand and show them to your dog.

Step 2: Point to the bells and say, "Touch!" When your pooch touches the bells with her nose, give her a treat and praise her, with a "Good Job!" Repeat this until she has the idea. Move on to Step 3 when you are able to point to the bells and your dog responds by touching her nose to the bells.

Step 3: In this step, you will begin to associate the bells with going outside. Once your dog touches the bells with her nose, simply open the door, step outside and give your dog the treat. This will teach her that ringing the bells involves going out to use the potty.

Step 4: Now that your dog has learned the process of ringing the Potty Bells to go out, it's time to teach her to ring the bell at the right time. The next time you can sense that your dog needs to potty, put her on a leash and take her through the process. Point to the bells, say "touch" to open the door and let her out. Then, take your dog directly to the place where she will go potty.

Step 5: Reward your dog with a treat and give her lots of praise each and every time!

Tip: To make your dog more likely to ring the Potty Bells only for potty time and not for play, it is important to bring her directly to potty and then back inside while in the learning stages of the new system.

Adrienne Wertz has enjoyed a background as a journalist, editor and marketing director for the past 15 years. Visit our page at to learn more about our amazing product or find us on Facebook (@caldwellspetsupply) or Pinterest (@Caldwell's Pet)

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