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21 Essential Products For Potty Training Your Dog

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Dogs drool, cats rule – but both need to eliminate at some point in time. As neat and composed as cats appear, they’re not that much different from dogs. We have all the potty training supplies you’ll need to keep the mess as tidy as possible. Heck – we even have revolutionary products like the Litter Kwitter and Pet Loo that will make pet owning much easier.
Cats like to keep their business indoors. That means you’ll need to be extra prepared to keep your home smelling as fresh as possible. The Litter Kwitter will train your cat to use the toilet like humans. Weird, yes! Convenient, yes! If you cat ever pees beyond the confines of the litter box, Cat Attract is your solution.
The days of walking your dog in the rain are over. Pet Loo products are here to make your life easier with its convenient and environmentally-friendly innovation. For the old-fashioned dog owner who enjoys the early morning walks, Wag Bags are your best friend in helping you pickup doggie poo easily without harming the Earth.
Should the mess get out of control, powerful cleaning products will be needed to clear out the smell and mess. The Green Dog All-Purpose Household Cleaner suits your diverse needs to clean all areas of your home. For tougher stains and odor, Urine Off cleaners will ensure sanitary conditions, especially with their helpful UV lamps/lights.
Green Dog Cleaner

For more convenient ways to control pet waste, check out our full selection of Pet Waste Products. Visit our Odor & Stain Removal section for all of our cleaning products.