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Maxi/Guard Zn7 Derm Spray (2 fl oz)
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Maxi/Guard Zn7 Derm Spray (2 fl oz)

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Maxi Guard Zn7 Derm is the industry's only patented neutralized zinc based skin care topical. This counter-irritant provides soothing relief from itching and drying of raw skin conditions.

Useful Information

How Does it Work? - To answer this question, we must ask how calamine lotion, the medical industry's most popular anti-pruritic, reduces itching. Calamine lotion, used since antiquity (Egyptian development), is zinc-based. Centuries ago, natural mineral deposits containing zinc carbonate were used for the zinc source. Today, a variety of zinc salts (zinc acetate, etc.) are used to manufacture calamine lotion. The zinc in calamine lotion offers modest bioavailability. The zinc in Zn7 Derm, complexed with L-lysine and taurine, is not only stabilized at a neutral pH (the zone of intracellular 6.8 - 7.2pH), but is carried across cell membranes at much higher levels to deliver greater anti-pruritic benefits deep within the skin.

Customer Reviews

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