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No Flap Ear Wrap, Denim Blue, Small / Medium, 7" - 9" / 15" - 19"

Item: IWM660028
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No Flap™ Ear Wrap aids in recovery from aural hematomas, cuts and tears to ear flaps, and chronic itching and scratching. It helps shield ear canals from cheatgrass and provides both post-surgical and general ear protection. Available in breathable green pinpoint mesh and denim, a more suitable option for outdoor activities. Machine and hand washable.

  • Aids in recovery from Aural Hematomas, cuts and tears to ear flaps, chronic itching and scratching
  • Helps shield ear canals from cheatgrass
  • Provides both post-surgical and general ear protection
  • Available in denim or pinpoint mesh material

Useful Information

Measurement A: Measure from the middle of the forehead above the eyes to where a collar would naturally sit on the neck.

Measurement B: Measure around the neck

Green Pinpoint Mesh XS 5"-7" 10"-14"
Green Pinpoint Mesh S 6"-8" 13"-17"
Green Pinpoint Mesh S/M 7"-9" 15"-19"
Green Pinpoint Mesh M 8"-10" 17"-22"
Green Pinpoint Mesh L 10"-12" 18"-23"
Green Pinpoint Mesh XL 12"-14" 21"-26"
Blue Denim XS 5"-7" 10"-14"
Blue Denim S 6"-8" 13"-17"
Blue Denim S/M 7"-9" 15"-19"
Blue Denim M 8"-10" 17"-22"
Blue Denim L 10"-12" 18"-23"
Blue Denim XL 12"-14" 21"-26"
  • Put the collar around the neck allowing a snug fit with an extra space of about 1-2 fingers.
  • Put the upper section around the head. If it blocks peripheral vision, access the spines and trm conservatively, rounding the corners.
  • Refit and repeat step 2 if needed.
  • Secure all Velcro point closures and make sure to tighten the cinch strap.

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