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Over the Counter Solutions

  Is your pet experiencing itchy skin? Is your pet scratching and biting more often?
  Are you noticing hot spots on your pet? Do you notice Flea dirt on your pet or pets bedding?

Frontline Plus for Dogs K9 Advantix® II Advantage® II CAPSTAR

  Do you notice your pet itching more often?

Omega-Caps Softgels Derm Tabs ES Shed Pro Vet Solutions Aller G-3

  Have you noticed inflammation in the ear? Is your pet shaking his head or ears?
  Are they rubbing the side of their head on the ground or on other objects?
  Is your pet having and discharge from the ear?

Epi-Otic Ear Cleansers Zymox Ear Cleanser Otiderm Ear Cleanser ZYMOX Otic Hydrocortisone Free

  Is your pet limping or using one limb more often? Has your pet recently had surgery or been injured?
  Is your pet gaining weight and reluctant to go out and play?
  Does it look like your pet has been experiencing pain while walking?

Joint MAX TS Soft Chews Cosequin DS Glyco-Flex Joint Snacks

  Is your pet experiencing malnutrition and anemia? Does your dog have a rapid heart rate?
  Is your pets coat becoming dry and dull? Is your pet losing weight and more fatigue?

Tapeworm Tabs for Cats Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs Panacur Nemex-2 Wormer

  Does your pet not behave around guests? Do you notice Flea dirt on your pet or pets bedding?
  Does your pet get scared or stressed from loud noises, thunderstorms, or separation?
  Does your pet suffer from social anxiety, noise anxiety, or separation anxiety?

Feliway and D.A.P. TranQuil Tabs for Dogs HomeoPet Bach Rescue Remedy

  Is your pet sniffing around their stool? Is your pet eating their stool?

FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative Nixit Stool-Eating Preventative Four Paws Potty Mouth Mark & Chappell Stool Repel-UM