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Fun Fitness Activities with Your Pet

We all know how important it is for us humans to stay active throughout our lives to remain healthy and fit. The same is true for our beloved pets. Pet obesity is a problem that can be avoided with regular exercise activities that stimulate both the petís mind and body. Without staying active, your pet may be at risk for serious problems later on in life.

A lethargic pet is an unhealthy pet and it is up to pet owners to be proactive in their efforts to keep their pets healthy and happy. There are many activities that both you and your pet can participate in that have mutual benefits. These fun exercises allow you to bond with your pet and burn calories at the same time.


You have all seen a dog chase down a Frisbee or flying disc at the park and leap magnificently in the air to snag it. Now itís time for you and your dog to enjoy this activity as well. Grab that old Frisbee you have lying around and give your canine companion some serious fun in the sun. Dogs love chasing flying objects around because of their natural instinct. After your furry friend comes back to you to return the disc, run to the spot where your dog trapped it and throw it again. You can repeat this as many times as you wish.

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Find yourself a safe staircase, perhaps in your house or at the local school bleachers. Make sure to leash your pet and stay beside him/her as the both of you begin stair climbing. It is up to you how fast you want to climb up and down the stairs. Sprinting at a safe speed will provide a great workout for both you and your pet. If you notice any signs of exhaustion, stop or take a water break. You can also change the way you go up and down the stairs Ė sideways or diagonal.


To give your cat a jolt of physical activity, put two flashlights in each of your hands and pretend to jump rope. As the light moves all over the wall, your feline friend will jump around and try to catch it. At the same time, you are getting a workout from the jumping rope motion. This exercise activity can be done anywhere and all you need is a couple of flashlights. Make this a regular routine so both you and your cat can stay active and healthy.


All good dog owners know the importance of taking their companion for a walk at least once a day. Regular walks play a major role in your dogís health and well being. There are mutual benefits for a 20-30 minute walk around the neighborhood or at a local park. The longer and faster the walking is, the more calories you and your dog will burn. Below you will find out just how many calories you are dropping with this important activity.

Human Weight Walk Duration Pace Calories Burned
140 lbs 30 minutes 2.5 mph 99
140 lbs 30 minutes 3.5 mph 125
160 lbs 30 minutes 2.5 mph 113
160 lbs 30 minutes 3.5 mph 143
170 lbs 30 minutes 2.5 mph 120
170 lbs 30 minutes 3.5 mph 152

Let your pet enjoy a low calorie treat after his/her workout. Our healthy treats are low in fat and can be a part of your petís overall health management program. By the way, they taste great to so your pet will love them.

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