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Presidential Pets

Owner: President Barack Obama
Breed: Protuguese Water Dog

Fun Fact: Bo and the First Lady Michelle Obama greeted White House visitors on the one-year anniversary of President Obama's inauguration. Bo welcomed the guests with his tail wagging but we dog owners know he was actually sniffing for treats!

Fun Treats

Prestige Pet Road Refresher
Non Spill Water Bowl
Aspen Pet Rectangular Lounger
(21" x 25") - Assorted Colors
Doggy Hoots - Political Animals John McCain (9")

Owner: President George W. Bush
Breed: Scottish Terrier

Fun Fact: Barney has many websites around the web dedicated to him. Barney is also the leading star in the White House's Christmas videos. Recently Barney made headlines for biting a reporter after the reporter asked if he could pet Barney.

Fun Treats

iBone Cruising Companion Car
Harness Blue - Large
Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats

Owner: President Bill Clinton
Breed: Labrador Retriever

Fun Fact: The President also had a cat named Socks that had to live in different quarters of the White House because Buddy and Socks did not get along very well.

Fun Treats

Otis and Claude
Bettie Fetch Toy
Doggy Hoots - Political Animals Hillary Clinton (8") Pet 'n Shape All Natural
Treats & Products

Owner: President Ronald Reagan
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fun Fact: Rex lived a very lavish lifestyle in a deluxe dog house. His doghouse included portraits of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and also was cover with red draperies for the windows.

Fun Treats

Otis and Claude - Bumble Ball SnuggleSafe
Microwave Heat Pad
Joint Treats MINIS
(120 Soft Chews)

Owner: President John F. Kennedy
Breed: Welsh Terrier

Fun Fact: Pushinka was a puppy of a Soviet space dog and was given to JFK's daughter Caroline. The Kennedy's accepted Pushinka from the Soviet Prime Minister as a peace offering for the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Fun Treats

Designer Doggie Cologne & Perfume (4 oz) Nylabone Flexible Dental Chew - REGULAR (5") Otis and Claude Rita Ball
3" Diameter

Owner: President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Breed: Scottish Terrier

Fun Fact: Fala followed the President everywhere and was always in the media spotlight. In 1943 Fala was a character in a series of cartoons entitled "Mr. Fala of the White House".

Fun Treats

Duckworth by Multipet Simply Wild
Natural Dog Treats
Super Collar

Owner: President George Washington
Breed: American Foxhound

Fun Fact: George Washington was a very big dog breeder and was trying to breed the perfect hound. Vulcan was said to be big enough to ride like a pony.

Fun Treats

Flying Squirrel
Shed Pro Granules for DOGS
454 gm
Otis and Claude Lucy Pet Bowls