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Probios Digestion Support

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Probiocin Pet Gel is a probiotic supplement that promotes gastrointestinal function and overall health in small animals. Made for puppies, kittens, and birds, this supplement supplies your pet's gastrointestinal tract with four species of live bacteria that help facilitate digestion naturally. The supplement works to calm digestive upset, particularly during travel, visits to the vet, or other stressful events.

Probiocin Pet Gel can be administered daily to maintain proper digestion or used selectively to deal with stress. This gel comes in a 15 gram oral syringe that makes it a breeze to administer to any pet. Keep your pet's digestive system healthy with this natural, easy-to-use supplement by ordering today!

Key Features:
  • Probiotic supplement comes with over 10 million CFU per strain of bacteria
  • Four strains of lactic acid bacteria to promote digestion, gastrointestinal function, and general health
  • Oral syringe comes with 15 grams of palatable supplement paste
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