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Probiotics & Digestion Supplements

Your pet's digestive system, just like yours, is a bacterial wonderland that science is still trying to figure out. Around the clock, microorganisms are hard at work keeping things moving along inside your dog or cat's body. Sometimes, however, those little organisms need a helping hand. EntirelyPets' selection of probiotics, digestion supplies and anti-diarrheal solutions may be just what you need.

Gastrointestinal problems can arise from any number of things. Stressful situations, new medications, general illness and food sensitivity can all cause an upset gut. Solutions like probiotics can help keep digestive harmony. "Probiotics" has been a nutritional buzzword for humans, and for good reason. These living microorganisms resemble the ones already found in your pet's digestive tract, and act like reinforcements in the battle for belly balance.

In a normal situation, the gut absorbs water and nutrients while flushing out waste products. When there is a glitch in this system, your companion animal may experience vomiting or diarrhea, or even the complete opposite problem, constipation. Often, stomach upsets in dogs are caused by something gross she shouldn't have eaten, while upsets in cats are commonly caused by parasites from that mouse he so lovingly brought you and left in the doorway. Trying to avoid these situations is also an easy solution to managing your pet's digestive health.

EntirelyPets' stock of digestive supplements comes in many different forms. Choose from a selection of specialized food, tablets, pastes, milks, gels, capsules and even enemas to help with constipation. So many different options for you and your pet might make the whole icky ordeal a little more bearable once you find a solution that is right for you.

Always consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any sort of supplement. If symptoms worsen, or your pet begins to emit bloody stool or vomit, seek an emergency vet immediately.