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Benefits of Probiotics for Dogs & Cats

If your pet displays of these signs or symptoms, it might indicate a Probiotic imbalance.
*Low energy
*Weak immune system
*Poor Nutrient Absorption
*Skin Problems
There are several attributes that can contribute to a probiotic imbalance in pets such as; stress, poor diet, changes in environment, prescription drugs or antibiotics. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and toxins in water are also causes of reducing good bacteria in a pet.

However, there are ways to easily remedy this problem. The most effective way to take care of poor digestion in pets is by providing them with probiotic supplements. These are easily available in capsule, paste, liquid or granules format, so they are easy to feed to the fussiest of pets. Below are some of the top probiotic supplements that can help your dog or cat maintain health and longevity.

Fortiflora Syner-G ® Proflora
Probiotic Soft Chews
Bactaquin Digestive Health for Pets

Vetri-Probiotic BD™ Bowel Defense Formula Proviable-DC - 80 capsules for Cats and Dogs Rapid-Care G.I. for
Dogs & Cats
Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets

NaturVet Enzymes & Probiotics (1 lb)
NaturVet Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics (8 oz) NaturVet Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics (1 lb)