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Senilife XL Capsule 30 ct

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Senilife designed to help your dog get the best out of every moment, this effective supplement helps reduce behavior changes related to aging. Amazingly, it can work in as little as seven days using a unique blend of antioxidants including phosphatidylserine, pyridoxine, ginko biloba extract, resveratrol and d-alpha-tocopherol. Start administering as soon as he reaches the senior stage in life.

  • Brain health supplement for large breed dogs helps reduce behavior changes related to aging is as little as 7 days.
  • Contains a unique blend of antioxidants that are recommended as soon as your dog reaches the senior stage in life.
  • Phosphatidylserine improves nerve cell communication and D-alpha-tocopherol is a natural form of vitamin E.
  • Pyridoxine is essential for brain health; ginko biloba extra improves cerebral blood flow; and resveratrol helps prevent cell death.
  • Easily administer by placing into dog’s mouth or place the full contents of the capsule directly on his food.


Active Ingredients: (in each capsule)
Phosphatidylserine 62.5 mg
Ginkgo Biloba extract 25 mg
Pyridoxine 51.25 mg
D-alpha-tocopherol 83.87 mg
Resveratrol (Grape Extract) 12.5 mg
Proteins 18.5%
Oils & Fats 52%
Cellulose <1%
Moisture/Humidity 5%
Ash 7%
Vitamin E (83.75 mg)
Vitamin B6 51.25 mg)

Other Ingredients: cod liver oil, seed oil products, and byproducts, gelatin, glycerin, gyceryl, monostearate, titanium dioxide, FD&C Red 40

Useful Information

Senilife is safe and formulated for long term use. For optimal results give the recommended dose for 1-2 months and consult with your veterinarian for continued use and recommendations.

Directions for Use:
Less than 30 lbs. 1 capsule daily
31 lbs. - 50 lbs. 2 capsules daily
51 lbs. and greater 3 capsules daily

Contraindications: Senilife is containdicated in pets receiving anti-coagulation medications.

    Method(s) pf Administration:
  • Place entire capsule directly into animal's mouth, or
  • Place capsule contents onto animal's food or directly into animal's mouth by cutting the upper portion of the capsule with scissors.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
25 Reviews
72% (18)
12% (3)
12% (3)
4% (1)
0% (0)
96% Recommend this product (24 of 25 responses)
By Frances
Good product
July 8, 2023
it's help with cognitive dissonance
By Connie
Akron, Ohio
Works for my dog
March 17, 2020
My eleven year old Labrador Retriever is beginning to show some signs of cognitive dysfunction. During a visit to my vet to confirm that there was nothing else going on, he suggested I try giving my dog Senilife. Although it hasn't prevented all of the symptoms, it has definitely helped and has calmed my dog at night when his symptoms were the worst.
  • Really does seem to help my dog's cognitive function and calms him down.
  • I was told by the manufacturer to maintain this supplement at normal household temperatures which makes it difficult if you prefer to buy on-line because of delivery during extremely hot or cold weather. I believe the heat is worse for this supplement than cold, so I will try to stock up before the summer heat hits.
By Animal S.
Surprisingly effective
December 9, 2018
My dog has shown noticeable improvement with her balance and her mood since taking Senilife. She used to stumble and trip a lot and she honestly doesn't do that anymore. It took about two weeks to notice the difference. We give her one pill daily and will continue doing that!
By Bulliefanatic
Life changing
May 2, 2018
My 9.5 year old bullmastiff was having serious cognitive dysfunction. This product has improved her life and mine tremendously!
By Tuffy
Cleveland, OH
May 10, 2017
My 11 year old Lab is almost done with his first botlle of Senilife. I had him at the vet just this past Monday. Dr. Rebecca is the one that recommended this supplement to help Tuffy with his alertness and cognition. She said to me that Tuffy seemed more alert than the last visit which was right before I started him on Senilife.
By Reja's m.
Keep those seniors sharp!
April 26, 2017
Senilife XL has helped our 15 year old return to her lucid self. At the end of 2016, we started to notice Reja seeming confused at times. For example, I would find her standing alone in a room, just staring ahead as if she'd forgotten why she was there. Our vet recommended a daily dose of Senilife XL and after about 30-45 days, its positive effects really began to show. Reja hasn't seemed confused or out-of-sorts since! I would recommend this product to anyone with an aging pet. Just stick with it, as the results are not immediate.
By Linda
Springfield IL
Review for SENILIFE XL Capsule 30 ct
February 25, 2017
SeniLife just breathed new life into my 15yr old Elkhound. She was suffering from doggie dementia (CCD) - standing at the hinge side of the door, walking down the hall and just stopping, etc. After one month - most of the time, she is at the right side of the door, remembers what she is doing and best of all - sleeping thru the nite. Could be coincidence - but I just ordered another bottle. Last order came in just a few days. Terrific service, EntirelyPets. I highly recommend you give SeniLife a try if your senior dog has any symptoms of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction!
By Chinita
Milwaukee, WI
Made a big difference
November 13, 2015
My 11 year old shar pei was showing signs of cognitive dysfunction, confusion about where she should lay down, pacing all night long, getting stuck in bathrooms, hallways, etc. This product was recommended to me and within 1 week she was back to her normal self. She has "off days" every so often, but for the most part she is much more comfortable.
By Nancy
St Louis, MO
Gave my senior girl her life back.
July 7, 2015
This product is amazing. My senior girl had stopped eating, wasn't interested in doing her favorite things. After 2 weeks she was back to her old self. The only change was including a daily dose of Senilife. The pills are big, but I put it in a liver sausage prob.
By Coco
Newmarket, Ont., Canada
June 7, 2015
I find that this product could be made into a liquid form instead of pill. The pills are too big for my coco to swallow and she's a big girl, and I have to split them open. It's messy and they squirt everywhere. My on,y hope is that she gets enough of the liquid this way to help?
By Domenico
Still in trial stage
June 6, 2015
only 1/2 way thru first bottle so I can't say yet so I will follow up later
By Nana S.
A blessing for our senior lab
March 9, 2015
Our lab was suffering with dementia like symptoms. Our doctor recommended this and it has been a blessing! He's more relaxed and not whining and can rest so much easier. We now can get through a whole night without him being up and whining. Our buddy can now enjoy his senior years...that makes ALL of us happy!
By redox
chicago, IL
Review for SENILIFE XL Capsule 30 ct
July 22, 2014
my eleven year old dog is now spending more time with the family and seem to be herself again.
By mcdoglover
Columbia, SC
No more getting lost in hallways
July 10, 2014
We introduced this product to our ten year old Great Pyrenees, Gamil, about eight months ago after we noticed that she was getting "stuck" in corners, and appeared lost in our home and yard. Gamil has a history of seizures and strokes, so in addition to having symptoms from older age, her brain has also suffered many traumas. This product has given Gamil an additional quality of life that she would not have had otherwise. We are very grateful to you for offering this to the community as it has given us more time with our girl!
By Skye17
Senlife XL
March 26, 2014
Product seems to be doing well. Just wish I had realized the size of them before I ordered. Our dog has a narrow jaw. I'm giving the pills the proper way but lots of times she is having a hard time - so big! I have to give her the XL because she is 55 lbs but I think the pills were designed for dogs larger than her.
If I were to recommend, I would make sure to warn people of size
By Allie's M.
Excellent for older dogs!
December 26, 2013
My dog has been taking Senilife for six months now, and the results have been worth every penny. Not long after her 16th birthday, she became listless and barely aware of her surroundings. Within a few weeks she was showing more life, energy and interest in things again. It's an expensive product, but I'm happy with the results.
By woody
alexandria, virginia
woody's meds
November 9, 2013
I have been giving woody senilife xl for about three years and have noticed that he does not have the symptoms of a 16 year old dog. will continue using it and highly recommend it.
By Ruth
September 11, 2013
The capsules are quite large so I hid them in peanut butter, but our dog quickly caught on. Now he licks the peanut butter off but eventually eats the capsule. If I squeeze the oil out he won't eat them at all. At first I saw an improvement. He had lots more energy. Now I really don't know. He is 13 and has cancer. I will keep trying. He may be better than if he didn't take them.
By TGWatts
Mineola, Texas
Senilife XL
July 12, 2013
We have been giving this medication to our 14 year old Labrador retriever for about 15 months and it has certainly helped her calm down. I would recommend it for others.
Richmond, VA
Senilife XL
October 24, 2012
This product was recommended by our vet as something that was personally used on her own dog. So far so good. You do have to give this a chance for about 3 months to decide it's effectiveness. The only issue is the product does not have the 'T'top for opening anymore so you will need a sharp instrument to access the product.
By Freckles
Ormond Beach, FL
July 18, 2012
Miss B was really slipping as she got older. She seemed to forget how to bark, play and enjoy life. Senilife has made her a "happy dog" again. It is wonderful to see.
By Dave
Warwick, RI
Older Dog Problem
March 31, 2012
My dog Casey is 16 years old. She has a problem of barking for no reason in the early evening. This could go on for an hour or two. We do not let her bark continuously. I understand the reasons for the barking so I consulted my vet for a produce that would help. The vet recommended Senilife. Casey has used Senilife for about three weeks now and is gradually improving. At this rate of improvement I feel she will soon be at a much barking less tolerance.
By dgm
Helpful product
November 16, 2011
Our 12yr old lab has been through a lot in his life including brain surgery and he's still doing well - except he's getting old and having some senior moments. A few months ago he started barking - offten and for no good reason. He's been taking Senilife for three months and after about six weeks he was barking less. A natural product that can help with senior mental issues is wonderful.
By Newfie M.
Raleigh, NC
awesome product
November 9, 2011
I have a 8 year old Newfoundland that has been Diagnosed with Cognative disfunctional syndrome (doggie alzheimer's) and started to go down hill fast. In less than a week of Senilife she has not gotten lost in the corners and has remembered why she went outside (potty)
The change in her ablity to function is wonderful.
I only wish i had know about this product sooner.
By chow l.
Seneca SC
Best purhase in years
January 29, 2010
After using prescription meds my vet switched us over to Senilife XL as a trial. We had good experience with this medicine and have been using it now for about 3 months. The dog is happy again and so am I.

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