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Senilife Capsule 30 ct

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Senilife designed to help your dog get the best out of every moment, this effective supplement helps reduce behavior changes related to aging. Amazingly, it can work in as little as seven days using a unique blend of antioxidants including phosphatidylserine, pyridoxine, ginko biloba extract, resveratrol and d-alpha-tocopherol. Start administering as soon as he reaches the senior stage in life.

  • Brain health supplement for large breed dogs helps reduce behavior changes related to aging is as little as 7 days.
  • Contains a unique blend of antioxidants that are recommended as soon as your dog reaches the senior stage in life.
  • Phosphatidylserine improves nerve cell communication and D-alpha-tocopherol is a natural form of vitamin E.
  • Pyridoxine is essential for brain health; ginko biloba extra improves cerebral blood flow; and resveratrol helps prevent cell death.
  • Easily administer by placing into dogís mouth or place the full contents of the capsule directly on his food.


Active Ingredients: (in each capsule)
Phosphatidylserine 62.5 mg
Ginkgo Biloba extract 25 mg
Pyridoxine 51.25 mg
D-alpha-tocopherol 83.87 mg
Resveratrol (Grape Extract) 12.5 mg
Proteins 18.5%
Oils & Fats 52%
Cellulose <1%
Moisture/Humidity 5%
Ash 7%
Vitamin E (83.75 mg)
Vitamin B6 51.25 mg)

Other Ingredients: cod liver oil, seed oil products, and byproducts, gelatin, glycerin, gyceryl, monostearate, titanium dioxide, FD&C Red 40

Useful Information

Senilife is safe and formulated for long term use. For optimal results give the recommended dose for 1-2 months and consult with your veterinarian for continued use and recommendations.

Directions for Use:
Less than 30 lbs. 1 capsule daily
31 lbs. - 50 lbs. 2 capsules daily
51 lbs. and greater 3 capsules daily

Contraindications: Senilife is containdicated in pets receiving anti-coagulation medications.

    Method(s) pf Administration:
  • Place entire capsule directly into animal's mouth, or
  • Place capsule contents onto animal's food or directly into animal's mouth by cutting the upper portion of the capsule with scissors.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
59 Reviews
83% (49)
14% (8)
2% (1)
0% (0)
2% (1)
98% Recommend this product (58 of 59 responses)
By Frances
Good product
July 8, 2023
It's help with cognitive dissonance
By Jessica
Northern NY
Doggie Dememia Helper
June 30, 2023
My dog used to shake and pant at thunder storms, get stuck in corners and start crying once night time hit, pacing and whining just walking in circles. This started around age 11. We started him on the Senilife per vet recommendation and he showed great improvement. It needs to be given for a few weeks before any symptoms will resolve but it did work for my dog. He is almost 15 now and has started getting stuck in corners again and the pacing at night thing but no crying and panting. So we got 5 more years from his brain. Plus, the customer service was super helpful when I called.
  • Helped to keep the lining around the brain cells from decomposing so the cells can function longer
  • Helped my dog to regain some of his confidence for 4 years and is still doing well
  • Hard to feed for small dogs as it
By Susan
December 18, 2022
This product was recommended by the technician at our vet's office who said that it worked wonders for her dog.

Unfortunately, our dog requires prescription medication for her CDD. I returned the bottles to Entirely Pets using their pre-printed USPS label. I'm still waiting to hear if these have been received so that my account is credited.
By Jeanne M.
Lannon, Wisconsin
glad to find it at your store
May 3, 2021
this product seems to work very well and your staff is very experienced and personable.
  • great job
  • none
By Barbara
Eugene, OR
Great price
March 10, 2021
Great prices and convenient delivery
  • Great price
By Gary
Lakeville, Indiana
Helpful for older dogs
February 21, 2021
My older dog is responding well to a regimen of this product. She is happier, and more engaged in playing with our younger dogs.
  • It works for our older dog.
  • It is a bit expensive.
By Ilene
Puyallup, WA
Great for a confused dog
February 10, 2021
Senilife is helping my 18 year old dog not be quite as disoriented. We can tell the difference in her when she’s been without it.
  • Helps with dementia
  • Kind of spendy
By Lisa
Hamilton, Ohio
Senilife fir senior dogs
February 10, 2021
I believe my almost 14 yr old dog seems better after using this product for 2 weeks. I will continue to give it to her. She takes it quite well- I cut top off and squeeze contents over food She is only 7 lbs, so I’ve started by giving her 1/2 a capsule ea day
  • Wish they had 1/2 capsule size for small & toy breeds
By Dana
Austin, TX
Thank God for this product
February 3, 2021
My 14 year old Bichon Frieze developed Canine Cognitive Dementia about a year ago. Prescription meds did not work. Senilife is wonderful. It eliminated her Sundowners Syndrome. She is a happy girl. God bless this company.
  • Works
  • Easy to administer
  • Dog likes it
  • None
By Catherine
Do recommend
February 2, 2021
Good for animals getting older.
By gerald c.
Senilife helped our dog
August 4, 2020
She was more alert and active after taking senilife
  • None
By A m.
Ocean City
They helped!
January 7, 2019
Recently my Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with dementia. I changed her food to a brand recommended by my Vet and added this supplement also recommended by my Vet. Most of her symptoms have all but disappeared. I am thrilled!
By Cab17
Tucson, Az
Review for SENILIFE Capsule 30 ct
January 5, 2019
This was on backorder and I haven't received it yet, yet I'm being asked to review this
By chatterbox
great product
July 9, 2017
my vet recommended this product. my dog is 16 and at night paces for hours, I give her one capsule, lay her down in bed, and message till she relaxes. So far she has been sleeping through the night. A great comfort for all of us.
By Michelle
A Wonder Drug
July 7, 2017
My 10yr old Yorkie Snoops was having a hard time. No energy and would stare off into space and act like he wasn't there. After the first month I saw an improvement, he is finishing his second bottle and I am going to continue using Senilife. Snoops alertness and mood has improved greatly.
Try it and I think you will see a difference.
By Judy
Senilife Helps My Dog
June 21, 2017
Started my 13-1/2 yr old Pomeranian on Senilife a couple of months ago. She stays awake longer and is more active. My vet approves of it, also. I'll keep buying. Good product! Entirely Pets always ships fast so I get my product quickly.
By Dot
Troy, Michigan
Recommended by our Vet
June 2, 2017
We started our 16 year old cockapoo on senilife when she started showing signs of dementia. She would pace a lot and walk into corners seeming disoriented at times. After starting her on senilife recommended by our vet she improved greatly. No more signs of dementia, she is much more calm. It has given our senior pup a much better quality of life. I highly recommend this product!
By Mel
May 15, 2017
Actually I would give this product 4.5 stars but that was not an option.

I have an elderly pug that has been experiencing early signs of dementia. The vet recommended this product so I've been using it for two months now. I see a definite improvement in her cognitive skills. I had hoped to see a 100% turnaround, however, she is definitely 75% to 80% better.

I believe if a pet owner started their pet on this product at the earliest stage of dementia, it would benefit the pet.
By Rascal
For seniors
April 16, 2017
My 17 1/2 yr old is blind and deaf. The senilife seemed to make him more alert. The only negative is he doesn't like the taste. He cannot chew as his teeth are bad. I open the red pill but he hates either the smell or taste. He is so fussy. He does get most of it but it's a struggle
By Ann
Nice product
April 10, 2017
Great addition of vitamins to my pets food
By Vickie 7.
Raleigh, NC
Maggie needed some help
April 1, 2017
Senilife seems to be working, she is more alert and even has run down the hall to chase our other older dog. I'm pleased with how she has begun to being more social. Great product, I'm pleased!
By Charlie
It's worth trying
March 29, 2017
I have been using this product for a little over a year, in the beginning I noticed an improvement however my boy has canine cognitive disorder and it is a progressive disease. I will continue to use the Senilife because anything is better than nothing.
By Tink's m.
March 9, 2017
Have seen some improvement in 15 year old's functioning. She appears more alert & remembers how to get back into house when outside.
By Diane
Sun City California
Gave us our dog back.
March 7, 2017
Since starting the Senilife caps, our dog is a new pet. He is 16 yrs old and we were convinced he had dementia. He would sundown everyday around 4 pm wander around the house with no direction. At night he wanted to go outside and when he got there did not know what to do. At first it only happened a few days a month, but it was getting worse as time passed. Our vet recommended the Senilife, she stated her mother was giving it to her dog with the same symptoms and it really helped. We would recommend this product to anyone whose pet is presenting with symptoms of dementia. It has really helped our little guy.
By cjl110
Louisville, KY
Does what it promotes!
February 27, 2017
My 16 year old mixed breed dog definitely has some sort of dementia - she wanders and stops and stands and stares at herself in a glass window. My vet recommended this product and while I know it won't cure her, it does make her more like her old self. There is less of the wandering/stopping and standing; and more times when she wants to be part of the family. She won't swallow the pills but I cut them open and put the inside liquid on a piece of bagel and that does the trick.
By bill
New Mexico
Senilife results
February 26, 2017
We have been giving daily Senilife tabs to our 13+ year old cocker and could not be more pleased. Before she was restless all hours and a real mess.Very calm and near normal now.
By gypsy
Norristown, PA
Ceva Sante Animale Senilife capsules
February 16, 2017
My 16 yo Brittany has been on this medication for the last 4 years on the recommendation of her Veterinarian. She is an active, former hunting dog who still enjoys life to its fullest. Despite some orthopedic issues, she is bright, engaging and full of life. I have been very pleased with the product.. Gypsy is unable to swallow the capsule, so I cut it open and put it in her food once daily.
By Mickey
good product
February 5, 2017
This really helped my 16+ yr. old dog. She has dementia but with this she is doing much better and has become much more active and aware of her surroundings.
By lggfromsc
Greenville, SC
15 Year Old Shih Tzu now a puppy!
January 21, 2017
Our sweet little shih tau Marceo has been battling Canine Cognitive Disorder for about a year. I've been giving him different supplements (adding one every time he regresses) and about a month ago he regressed again. I found Senilife through researching more options and after reading the reviews decided to try it, praying for success. Within 3 days our little guy starting running around the house and acting almost like his old self. He is bright eyed and even started "howling" again when I come home after work (this used to be a daily occurrence but the with CCD he had stopped). Please don't ever stop making this product! I know with time he will eventually be lost to us but if this at least slows this horrible disease and gives us more quality time with him I will be forever grateful!!!
By ArtGal
Towson, MD
A wonderful product
January 6, 2017
My 14 year old Jack Russell was restless at night, wanting to go out, play, and eat, all night long. I was suffering sleep deprivation, and worried about his behaviors. My vet suggested Senilife, and within a week I noticed an improvement. He was much more energetic during the day, seemed happier, and less likely to stare at the wall and be awake all night. He is now 15, and still taking Senilife daily; it really has helped him, and me!

Questions and Answers

1 Question & 1 Answer
from Pasco, WA asked:
October 12, 2017
my dogs just swallow these, do they need to be cut open?
1 Answer
Hi Sandra, these are meant to be cut open and and the liquid goes on there food,
Submitted by: Customer Service on August 26, 2019

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