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Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Purple Narrow 12v (1.62"x12")

Item: IWM034315
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StopLik Deterrent Aid is a unique, immediate, simple, effective and safe means of discouraging a pet from the licking that causes lick granuloma or aggravates a wound, delaying healing. StopLik stops the habitual licking that can cause open sores. It also discourages pets from removing bandages during healing, allowing the open sores to be more successfully treated.

StopLik wraps around a bandaged leg or torso to protect the bandage and wound, and delivers a mild electric stimulus to the tongue when the pet licks it. STOPLIK STOPS PETS FROM LICKING

Useful Information

StopLik is designed to be applied over the top of a bandage. A cohesive flex wrap type bandage or breathable veterinary tape is recommended.

At application, be sure the StopLik strip completely covers the bandage to prevent the pet from loosening or removing it. Do not apply StopLik directly to animal or wound site.

To activate StopLik: Remove brown paper backing from the front of the strip on the battery end.
Fold end over, so the B symbol is placed onto the top of the battery. The target holes should line up to each other. Press material firmly onto and around the battery to ensure activation.

For leg applications:
Remove the white paper backing material from the StopLik.
Apply StopLik over the bandage starting with the battery end, wrapping around the bandage and back over itself, just past the battery, allowing a 1-inch overlap. Trim off excess material with scissors so the breathe holes are not sealed off.

For other applications:
For other than leg applications, fold battery end back onto the adhesive on the backside of StopLik. Now StopLik is ready to be applied to the bandage area.
StopLik can be trimmed to length from the opposite end of the batteries.

StopLik can be applied to discourage pets from removing IVs, urinary catheters, Seton drains or pulling at bandaged abdominal surgical sites.

Customer Reviews

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By BKnipe
Vancouver, BC
July 17, 2016
This is the only product we've found so far that helps deter my dog from licking his wound. We tried everything our vet recommended and everything that we found on the shelves of pet stores. My Malinois was in a Elizabethan collar for six months because of his constant licking.

With the Stoplik deterrent he only gets as far as touching it with his nose before he's dissuaded from licking his back leg anymore. However the battery was dead by morning, so these bandages can get expensive. Still better than the alternative though.

I recommend this product for anyone with a determined animal. We went so far as to add another 6 inches to the largest Elizabethan collar and still we'd wake up to a bloody mess every morning. Now, at worse, we wake up with a dead battery.
By Kerry
Anchorage, AK
The ONLY thing that worked for us!
April 1, 2014
We have a dog who gives herself severe lick granulomas on her front legs. She has in the past created deep wounds, right into muscle layers. For a time, she was constantly on antibiotics because of the infections that developed. We tried everything....coning her (cone of shame) for weeks on end, steroid treatments, antianxiety medications, every different wrap under the sun, bitter spray, surgery to try to remove the inflammatory tissue, ETC. Absolutely nothing worked. Out of desperation, I searched the internet and found this product. WORKS for us! She'll probably spend the rest of her life with her two front legs gift wrapped in purple Stoplik wraps. We've tried several trials without the wraps, but she just goes back to her old bad habits.

I didn't give this 5 stars because 1) it's expensive to keep using when the battery only seems to last about 2 weeks and 2) occasionally we get a 'dud' - one that just doesn't seem to work. And she rips it off immediately when we are not looking...$15 down the drain. However, even though the battery only lasts about 2 weeks, occasionally she won't bother with it for much longer. We've had several of the wraps last for up to 6 weeks. In the summer, when she swims, it's almost not worth it to use the wraps...something about the water seems to fry them right it gets really mucky under the wrap from getting wet.

Overall, though, we love this product. I would (and have) highly recommend it! We'll probably be using it for the rest of our dear dog Marsha's life!
By Puppy M.
Stopped the Licking
February 27, 2014
After 6 weeks of having my 85 lb. lab in an E-Collar, I was at my wits end. She figured out ways to crush the collar and contort her body (sometimes with the aid of furniture!) to reach and lick a spot on her leg. My vet recommended the stoplik as a humane alternative. I was skeptical, but agreed to try it. Before I put it on my dog, I touched my tongue to it, just to see how much of a shock it delivered. I'd say it's about the same as a joy-buzzer. Not pleasant, but no lasting damage. And it worked! The only drawback, the battery wears out quickly, and my dog would chew through the band. I bought several from Entirely Pets at a reasonable price and received them quickly. It took a couple weeks for the original wound to heal, but it did heal this time!
By Michele
Weaverville, NC
Found a cure!
October 17, 2013
My dog has obsessive behaviors, including keeping raw an area on his leg that was shaved for an IV when he had his teeth cleaned. Teeth cleaning occurred in March and the area was not healed until three weeks ago. Upon recommendation from his vet, I purchased the Stoplik strip to deter his licking. It worked! My only concern is that it is self sticking and there was no way to take it apart to re-cover the sore with a protection pad. Would buy again!
By donna
best product ever
January 15, 2013
my english setter is constantly licking and creating sores on his legs. nothing stops the licking but Stoplik. it stops the licking and allows time to heal. i keep them in stock to be sure to have one when we need it. great product.

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