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  6. 6-PACK URINE-AWAY 96 oz Soaker


6-PACK URINE-AWAY 96 oz Soaker

Item: D68620B-6PK
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Ceva Urine Away delivers permanent resolution of pet urine odor and stains. It works at the molecular level to eliminate the problem for good. Proprietary triple-action formula keeps odors from coming back. With Urine-Away, there’s no need for urine pretreatment products, masking agents, slow-acting enzyme deodorants or other methods. Just apply and let dry. Safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable.

  • Triple-action carpet cleaner with a fresh scent works to remove tough urine stains and odors.
  • Bonds and captures malodorous molecules within seconds of application to neutralize odors.
  • Then it absorbs and counteracts odors at the molecular level to permanently eliminate the odor.
  • Keeps odors from coming back by preventing further biological breakdown and molecular reactivation.
  • Works regardless of what’s been used before, and is safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, biodegradable and recommended by veterinarians.
  • Useful Information

    First, remove excess urine from the area that is being treated. Make sure to use a clean cloth. Press the cloth on the spot for a few seconds, then dab repeatedly. Apply a liberal amount of Urine Away directly to the area of urination (apply an equal amount of Urine Away to the amount of urine deposited). Lastly, allow the product to soak in and dry. To work successfully, Urine Away must come in direct contact with the entire urine-soaked area.

    How Urine-Away™ Works Is Why It's Better: Urine-Away™ is made with a proprietary, triple-action formulation that works at the molecular level to eliminate urine and odor for good.

    1. Bonding
    Urine-Away™ utilizes a powerful exchange and sharing of electrons to capture the malodor molecules within seconds of application and neutralize them permanently.

    2. Absorption
    Urine-Away™ encapsulates the malodor substance into its inner molecular structures to permanently eliminate the smell.

    3. Counteraction
    There are certain pairs of molecules that have a neutralizing effect on each other when they are in the smae area. In other words, they cancel each other out. Urine-Away™ utilizes the molecular activity to overtake the molodorous molecules.

    Urine-Away™ eliminates the need to use urine pretreatment products, masking agents, slow-acting enzyme deodorants or other methods. Unlike enzymatic products. Urine-Away™ is effective after soap or detergents have been used. Just apply and let dry.

    For pets with inappropriate urination problems:
    Urine-Away™ permanently eliminates urine odor and stains found on horizontal surfaces such as upholstery, carpet, flooring, etc, which can return to the surface and continue to cause stains and odor. Ideal for eliminating accidents by puppies and older pets.

    For dogs with inappropriate urination due to stress-related behavior issues, It is recommended to use Adaptil® in combination with behavior modification. For cats with urine spraying issues, the used of Feliway is recommended.

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