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Virbac Knockout Area Treatment

Ticks and fleas not only invade your petís body but they can also populate your home. Some species of parasites such as the Brown Dog tick can live long durations without being attached to a host. They simply nest in favorable areas in your home and start populating. To ensure the health of your family and pet you first need to create an environment thatís parasite-free. When facing a serious home infestation, adopting a half-baked solution is not the right way to go. You need to rely on a product that eradicates the entire population with superb efficiency.
The Virbac Knockout Area Treatment is home fogger that targets fleas and ticks. The product contains powerful ingredients such as Pyriproxyfen and IGR to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting flea and tick population. It disrupts the lifecycle of the parasites by destroying both adult bugs as well as nymphs. Simply put, it kills all the adult parasites and nymphs as well as stops the eggs from hatching. One Virbac Knockout Area Treatment fogger is suited to treat a 6000 cubic feet area.

This a product thatís specifically made for home treatment and thus should not be applied on pets. We urge you to read the directions on the label to learn the best way to use the product. You get the best pet care products and score the biggest deals when you choose to shop at EntirelyPets. We feature a long list of branded pet care products for dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds, and other animals.