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Home & Yard Treatments

Fleas do not restrict themselves to the pet's fur and are more like frequent visitors, often living and reproducing in places such as carpet, rugs, furniture, drapes and the yard. To eradicate these tiny pests and keep your pets comfortable as a result, you need to buy flea control products for your pet as well as find ways to kill fleas in the house and yard. EntirelyPets has the best whole-home and yard flea treatments designed to keep those pesky bugs at bay so that your four-legged friends are content and flea-free.

Flea treatment for yard and home applications come in the form of sprays and powders, including powerful flea foggers. These products not only kill fleas in the house and yard but also successfully break the lifecycle of these pests by destroying larvae and eggs. You can get 30 weeks of anti-flea protection in your home with Siphotrol Plus Fogger - a potent flea eradication system that treats 6,000 square feet - or guard your yard against fleas and ticks with Advantage House & Yard products from EntirelyPets.

At Entire Pets, we feature a vast range of products that can help you eradicate fleas from your home and backyard. From carpet crystals and powders to flea spray for house and outdoor areas, find everything you need in one convenient location. By eliminating fleas from the surrounding environment, you can let your pets loose around the house and backyard without worrying about future infestations. When buying flea foggers and flea bombs, it's very important to trust reputed companies such as Virbac, Biospot, Adams, Zodiac and others to ensure the best level of safety for your pet-friendly home.