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What Is Malaseb Shampoo Used For?

Skin health is oft-neglected and in the wake of the winter season it is more important than ever to watch out for problems with your petís skin. Dry, itchy, or flaky skin can indicate an infection or even a parasitic infestation and the cold dry air often further exacerbates these problems. If your cat or dog suffers from a fungal or bacterial infection then Malaseb Shampoo may be the solution to your petís health problems.

Malaseb Shampoo combines antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients to combat the root cause of infections while simultaneously treating their symptoms and relieving irritation with ceramides. This unique formulation works to heal cats, dogs, and horses and is recommended by veterinarians across the nation. But what is it exactly that Malaseb helps treats?

Susceptible Skin Conditions

The active ingredients in this shampoo include miconazole nitrate, an antifungal agent, and chlorhexidine gluconate, an antibacterial agent. Miconazole nitrate is excellent for treating problems caused by gram-positive bacteria and fungi, such as ringworm and malassezia, a type of yeast that often causes dermatitis and inflammation of the skin and ears. These conditions are also linked to seborrhea and can cause irritation, greasiness, hair loss, and other similar problems.

Chlorhexidine gluconate combats both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria to treat problems like hot spots, skin allergies, insect bites, and more. It also works to treat dermatitis and degrease the skin. Together, these two ingredients provide a comprehensive solution to treat almost any problem affecting your petís skin. It also helps with dandruff and functions as a typical shampoo.

This shampoo may provide amply benefits to the skin, but it also conditions your petís coat and can help prevent hair loss caused by excessive scratching. So whether your pet is suffering from a specific condition, experiencing skin irritation or diminished skin health, or simply in need of protection from future infections- Malaseb Shampoo is an ideal way to promote healthy skin while cleaning and caring for your petís coat.

Other Malaseb Products

Though this shampoo provides a convenient way to treat all areas of your petís skin in one simple step- localized infections, irritations, and rashes may be more easily treated with a topical spray or wipe. For your convenience, this incredible antimicrobial and antifungal formula is available as a topical spray or in multiple sizes of shampoos, wipes, medicated pads.

Though this formulation is incredibly effective and carries the trusted name of Bayer DVM, there are also equally effective solutions available at an even more affordable cost. Pet Health Solutions offers a wide variety of antiseptic products that treat these same conditions. One product with a similar formula to Malaseb is ChloraSeb Antiseptic Shampoo, which combines chlorhexidine and ketoconazole to treat bacterial and fungal skin conditions in cats, dogs, and horses.

The same formula is also available in topical wipes, flushes, and sprays. We hope this article proves useful in your search for the right products to care for your petís skin and coat. To learn more about Malaseb Shampoo and similar products, check out the articles below: