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5 Fun Summer Activities to Enjoy With Your Dog

Summer fun is always more enjoyable when you can bring your favorite animal companion along. This season, give your dog some exercise and socialization by heading outdoors. From cooling off in the water to exploring new environments, these five activities will help you make the most of your summer while enjoying some bonding time with your pet.

1. Go For a Beachside Stroll
There is nothing like taking a sunset stroll with your dog along the shoreline, and your dog will love the opportunity to cool their paws in the shallow waves. When you apply your sunscreen, remember that your puppy needs some, too. Just make sure to use a sunscreen designed for children or pets to protect their delicate skin.

2. Plan a Doggie Meet Up at the Park
Dog parks are a great place to talk to other animal lovers while giving your dog a chance to socialize with their own kind. Before you head to the dog park, make sure your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations and has the ability to follow basic commands. Then, call up your friends and plan a meet up for your dog’s breed, or just show up and meet some new people.

3. Host a Puppy Birthday Party
Does your dog have a summer birthday? If so, then invite your dog’s favorite pals to come over and celebrate. For a picture perfect dog party, make sure your play area is free of dangers such as toxic plants and fleas. Then, purchase or bake a few dog-safe treats, and enjoy watching as everyone’s dogs romp around the yard. For some extra fun, create an obstacle course for your doggie guests to jump and run through, or set up a wading pool for them to cool off.

4. Dine Al Fresco
On a hot day, leaving your dog in the car is never an option since it only takes a few short minutes for the interior temperature to hit dangerous levels. Besides that, dogs make excellent dinner companions, and many restaurants are incorporating dog-friendly eating areas to attract more customers. Find a dog-friendly restaurant near you, and eat with your dog on the patio. Just make sure to order something they can eat too, and teach them to follow your commands regarding proper public behavior for puppies.

5. Head for the Hills
During the hot summer months, walks outside can be miserable. However, getting away from the city asphalt and concrete can make a big difference in your dog’s comfort. Take your dog for a hike on a natural trail where trees and other plant life can provide you with shade. Be sure to bring along extra water to keep your dog hydrated, and plan to check them over for fleas and ticks when you get home.

Taking your dog on a little adventure is a fun way to celebrate the beauty of summer. Whether you head for the mountains or take a dip in the sea, make sure to stay on top of your dog’s safety any time you venture out from home. By planning for a little summer fun, you can increase positive puppy behavior while developing a bond with your favorite dog that will last a lifetime.

Author Bio:

Golden Meadows Kennels is an AKC Breeder of Merit, with 25 years of experience in ethically breeding and training Golden Retrievers and Vizslas on their 100 acre property in Moorpark, CA. Golden Meadows Kennels has two main goals: to raise happy and healthy puppies, and to match the right puppy with the right home and family.

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