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Advantage House & Yard

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As a loving pet parent, you need to do everything in your powers to keep your beloved dog or cat protected from ticks and fleas. The only way to achieve that is by using quality home and yard treatment products and eradicating ticks and fleas from your surrounding environment. If your home and yard are free from these parasites then there is little chance of your pet getting infested when they venture outside to conduct their daily business. Ticks and fleas are known carriers of deadly conditions such as Lyme disease, rocky mountain fever, ehrlichiosis, and others. Taking a casual stance this flea and tick season means you are inadvertently putting your loved ones at risk.
Fleas and ticks are mobile creatures and thus they can dwell both on your pet's fur as well as your home. To successfully get rid of them once and for all you need to use an arsenal of quality home and yard treatment products. Known to deliver on their promises, Advantage House and Yard Treatment solutions are definitely the top picks. Advantage has an entire line of products which includes home fogger, upholstery spray, yard spray, and a specialized spray that eliminates the parasites living in crevices and hard-to-reach places. Advantage products not only kill the adult ticks and fleas but they also effectively prevent future infestations.

Read the precautionary statement and directions of use before applying any Advantage product. These products are not meant to be used on pets or other animals.

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