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Sentry Flea & Tick Home & Yard Treatments

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Pets often have to endure immense irritation and itchiness when they play host to fleas and ticks. Apart from the constant irritation, these parasites can also spread nasty skin conditions and life-threatening diseases. As a loving pet parent, you need to step in and provide relief to your pet. The only way to do that is by eliminating the flea and tick population dwelling in your home. That's right, fleas and ticks can move out of your pet's fur and start populating areas in your home. The best way forward is to use specialized home treatment products to kill off the resident flea and tick population and prevent re-infestation.
Known for manufacturing high-quality pet products, Sentry has an entire line of home and yard treatment products. Their product offering includes carpet sprays, yard spray, home fogger, carpet powder, and more. All Sentry home and yard treatment products use powerful ingredients to attack the parasites at all their life stages. This results in complete eradication with drastically reduced chances of future infestations.

Read the direction of use on the product label to learn the best way to use the Sentry Home and Yard treatment products. These products should not be applied on pets or any other animal.

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