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How Do Feliway and Adaptil Differ from Comfort Zone with Feliway and Comfort Zone with D.A.P.?

Have you ever had a cat or dog that simply would not behave? Cats that tear up furniture and urinate outside their litter box aren't just being brats; and dogs that bark and bite aren't just bad dogs. Bad behavior in pets is often caused by anxiety and external sources of stress. This stress can be caused by a wide variety of factors that include restlessness from a lack of exercise, antagonistic social interactions with other animals, and unfamiliarity with an environment.

One of the most effective ways to relieve stress and anxiety in cats and dogs is by using artificial facial pheromones to use your pet’s natural hormones to create a sense of comfort. Cats and dogs naturally emit facial pheromones to mark their territory as safe. When an animal smells a pheromone emitted by its own species, it triggers a natural response from the endocrine system which then releases chemicals that directly calm it.

Though facial pheromones are produced naturally by your cat or dog, there are artificial pheromones that can be used to achieve the same calming effect. Two products that use these artificial pheromones are Feliway and Adaptil by Ceva. Feliway is available in sprays, diffusers, and wipes to spread calming artificial pheromones in a variety of ways, while Adaptil is available as a diffuser and as a collar. Another popularbrand for calming pets is Comfort Zone, which is available both with Feliway and with D.A.P. to calm cats and dogs, respectively.

One Appeasing Pheromone, Two Delightful Diffusers

The Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway, as its name suggests, uses Feliway’s artificial pheromones to calm your cat; however, the diffuser is distinct from Feliway’s in a few simple ways. The pheromones used in Comfort Zone products are of the same variety as those used in Ceva diffusers, and are known to be 95% effective at reducing or stopping urine marking and scratching throughout a 28 day period, as proven in clinical trials. Trials also showed that these results could be seen in cats in as little 28 days.

Ceva Feliway and Adaptil diffusers, however, use the veterinary strength pheromones that have been scientifically proven in similar clinical studies. Where Feliway and Adaptil stand apart from Comfort Zone is not in their ability to calm cats and dogs with diffusers, but in the versatility provided by its multiple forms. Unlike Comfort Zone with Feliway and Comfort Zone with D.A.P., Ceva produces ways of disseminating the pheromone that are unique to their brand.

As previously stated, Feliway from Ceva is available in topical wipes and a spray that allows a concentrated use of the pheromone that is perfect for travel or for designating a safe area for your cat within your home. Similarly, Ceva makes a D.A.P. spray for localized application and a D.A.P. collar that ensures your dog is comfortable no matter where they go. The collar keeps the pheromones right by your dog to ensure that he or she feels safe while on the go.

Other Considerations

Ceva and Comfort Zone brand products are both great ways of making your pet feel comfortable; however, pheromones don’t necessarily work for all pets. Though 95% of pets will respond to these facial pheromones, some pets have severe cases of anxiety or can benefit from additional calming solutions used in conjunction with these products. For more calming solutions, try a calming treat or food that uses chamomile. Bonies Calming Formula works great for anxious dogs, whereas Vetri-Science Composure Chews are ideal for cats.

We hope that this article has addressed your questions about Feliway and D.A.P. products. If you want to share your experience with these products or have any additional questions, we encourage you to leave them in a comment below.