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3-PACK FOR-BID Stool-eating Preventative (36 packets)

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Coprophagy problem? try Nixit

FOR-BID stops coprophagy (pets eating stool). Vegetable protein and sodium glutamate work in the digestive system to give stools a bad taste. Directions: Simply sprinkle FOR-BID on dog food and after the food is consumed, this will impart a forbidden and unpalatable taste to the feces. FOR-BID is not an enzyme mixture which alters the normal endogenous digestive process. FOR-BID has been used by thousands of veterinarians in both cats and dogs without adverse reactions and with excellent efficacy. Recommended Administration
Large dogs, the size of German shepherds, sprinkle the contents of 1/2 package on the dog food two times a day for 5 to 6 days (morning and night). This will usually curb coprophagy for months, often permanently. In small dogs or puppies, you may give one-quarter of a pack two times a day for four days (morning and night).
Cats 1/4 packet of FOR-BID per day, for 4-5 days.
Horses, we have reports that 1 1/2 packs of FOR-BID, morning noon and night for 2-3 days appears to curb this habit.
If Coprophagy starts again after initial dosage of FOR-BID, give 1 gram per day (from the 8 gram package) for 2-3 weeks or as necessary. 12 packets per FOR-BID container.

Useful Information

Dr. Kidwell - Culver City Animal Hospital
After 47 years, I am hesitant to recommend any product but my experience with For-Bid is that it works, is non-invasive, is biodegradable and it is safe

Jeremy - Amazon
Our nearly one year old puppy had decided it enjoyed eating our dogs poop….yuck. After using For-Bid, she stopped her nasty habit

Merrick Animal Hospital
No toxicity, good results, excellent palatability.

Donna - Doctors Foster and Smith
This product worked on my dog! She liked to graze through the cats litter and nothing I did stopped her until I fed this product to all my cats. Took a couple days but it started working. I also fed it to her as a precaution and she did not eat her own litter when she stopped eating the cats’. Did not use all of the order so have plenty for refresher and maintenance.

Mallow - 1-800-PetMeds
We gave the big dog 2/3 and the little dog one third of a packet two times a day. They were both rescue dogs with bad habits. Worked great. Gave for a while and the results seem to last. No more dog poo breath.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
22 Reviews
50% (11)
5% (1)
5% (1)
5% (1)
36% (8)
59% Recommend this product (13 of 22 responses)
By Denise
Richmond, VA
Works So Good!
June 15, 2021
This product is wonderful! Poo patrol is far more productive than it was before starting use of For-Bid
  • Easy to use & she gobbles it up
By Ken2
Great Product
January 10, 2019
This product does exactly what it's suposed to do. I have a large puppy that has gone through bouts of eating feces & this product put a stop to it! Thank you!
By notimpressed
did not work
December 30, 2016
maybe it works on other dogs. did not work for mine. I increased the dosage with no effect. a waste for me
By Bea
Northern NJ
Works better than the rest
February 28, 2016
Two of my four dogs are hard-core pooop eaters. I have tried absolutely everything on the market, and nothing has had much of an effect. This product has had the best result so far. Although it is far from totally effective, they are much more likely to leave their droppings alone when they are on it. Unfortunately, when we stop adding it to their food (after a few days, as per the directions,) they go right back to eating whatever they can find. I would say give it a try, since every dog is different.
By Caleb
Tampa, Florida
Did not work for my 3 Poodles
February 27, 2016
I paid a fortune for the 1st supply that I received from Banfield. I found a better bargain on line so I bought a larger supply. I have used about all of the last supply and my babies still have that nasty habit. maybe it's something else they are missing in their diet. Whatever it is I need to find a solution FAST.
By greysaver
buffalo ny
good but my dog is way too stubborn
February 18, 2016
This product does work, but if you have an extremely bullheaded knot headed dog like we do, it will only work for a while until he just bulls through the taste. So we resorted to using it sporadically for all dogs, being vigilant in waste pickup, and muzzling the one that likes the yard treats.
By Cj
Not for all dogs
December 21, 2015
Did not work for my Beagles. They have been in n it now for 2 weeks, still eating it
By Sbm
Review for 3-PACK FOR-BID Stool-eating Preventative (36 packets)
July 12, 2015
Woks better than most ... I am pleased dog is difficult
By Doug
Review for 3-PACK FOR-BID Stool-eating Preventative (36 packets)
June 25, 2015
This product worked well. Both of my dogs have sensitive stomachs and they tolerated the product.
Sorry, no help at all
March 1, 2015
Did not work for my dogs. GNC tablets for same purpose work.
By LouieB
St. Louis
Didn't work
February 2, 2015
I used the product as directed, then even doubled the dose recommended - no luck. I had already tried two other products, and also tried pineapple - nothing worked. This behavior started after a serious bout of diarrhea and a change of diet, and I believe it is somewhat psychological at this point. I am now working on a treat reward plan to see if I can convince this stubborn bulldog that there are better things to eat!
By lwhi
knoxville, tn
January 19, 2015
Works ok, as long as you use it. If you skip it even once, they go back to bad habits.
By Jim L.
Tallahassee, Fl
Not worth it for my dog
July 5, 2013
This product did not work for my dog as it had no effect on the dogs habits after it was put on the food for over 1 week. Would not purchase again as it is not worth the money spent.
By sheepiemom
eastcoast of New hampshire
Is Effective For Us
June 8, 2013
I have been using this product for about 8 years for my Old English Sheepdog, She will be 10 this November. Every spring she starts with this vile habit. Her own stool and my other sheepie, rosa's poo. Fortunately this has worked for her, I usually use it for about a month and the nasty habit stops for usually until the next spring.
By storm1
Didn't Work
April 23, 2013
This product did not stop our lab from eating our other lab's feces. We have been using it for 1 month now and it has not made a difference.
By Annabelle
A waste of money
April 1, 2013
This product had absolutely no affect on my dog's nasty habit. She was completely undeterred although I followed the instructions faithfully to the letter and gave the powder to both of my dogs. She is apparently one of those dogs who doesn't mind the bad taste. Maybe it works for some, but be warned that it may not be a cure-all for *your* dog's problem. I also was not pleased with the difficulty in measuring the correct amount of powder for an accurate dose out of the packets. Not very user-friendly packaging.
By annie
stool flavor enhancer
March 15, 2013
Maybe it's just my two dogs but this stuff didn't have the desired effect. If anything it was the opposite of what we hoped for. Like I said though, it might just be my mutts.
By aellis90
Nichols, NY
Your breath is fresh if your mouth is clean !
February 8, 2013
Our Maltese enjoys a snack of cat poo, we are hoping this curtails her interest. So far so good and the product does work as advertised.
Shipping was fast and came in regular USPS.
I highly recommend this company and product. Goodluck
By Sandi
loveland Oh
November 27, 2012
This is the only product that I have found to work effectively and fast. It has stopped the stool eating on one of my dogs, the other it stops but she will go back to doing this after about 6 months. She has been a chronic stool eater since she was a baby. There is no permanent solution for her.
Highly recommend Forbid.
By 3dogs m.
Southern Maine
January 27, 2012
So far so good!!! I started to give for-bid yesterday and this morning Dunkin' spit out stools! He was doing it to the point of sitting right next to our golden and waiting for him to be done ( and sometime's not) then would start eating right away! I love doggy kisses but I was passing on those from him...
By Steph
works great
November 25, 2011
The forbid stool-eating preventative worked in Samantha's case. I don't have to make a mad dash to the backyard to clean it all up now. Can at least have a cup of coffee first. If you have more than one dog you do need to give it to all your dogs. Not a great habit but some dogs just do this sort of thing.
By Woody
For-Bid Works!!!
February 12, 2011
We tried other products. This one was suggested by our Vet, and it really works. 1/2 packet for full meal, much less on light morning meal. We use on all three dogs because we don't know if our puppy ate only her own. We noticed the difference in less than 2 days.

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