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Pet Vitamins & Longevity

Ever wondered about the life expectancy of your pet? The
average life expectancy of a domestic cat is about 15 years
whereas a dog is only 12 years. Help prolong your petís
health by taking good care of them and giving them the
vitamins and supplements that they need. Not all pet foods
contain the necessary amount of nutrients that additional
supplements can help provide for the longevity of your pet.
Pets that will benefit from vitamins and supplements:
• Aging cats and dogs with a reduced ability to absorb
   vitamins and minerals
• Pets with genetic deficiencies
• Pets with poor diet (unwilling to eat)
• Young healthy pets who wishes to stay healthy
• Sick pets in need of nutrition

Help your pets digest their food and absorb the nutrients better with an enzyme supplement such as Syner-G. Not only does Syner-G help with digestion and absorption but it will also help reduce bloating, allergies and shedding. It is scientifically proven and effective to improve the overall health of your pet. Syner-G ģ
Prozyme helps replace the essential enzymes that are lost during the processing of the pet food. It will also help with food absorption which means there will be less feeding necessary and makes it a great supplement for pets on a diet.
Protect your petís health, kidney function, nervous system and immune system while slowing down the effects of aging and promoting a healthy coat with omega 3 fatty acid.
Missing Link Supplements Welactin
Missing Link Supplements Welactin

There are two groups of vitamins, fat soluble and water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are easily stored and less likely to be depleted. Water soluble are not stored in the body and also easily lost during the cooking process.
Fat Soluble
Vitamin A Helps with night vision as well as bone and tooth growth
Vitamin D Helps improve the absorption of calcium which helps promotes stronger bones and teeth
Vitamin E helps with reproduction
Vitamin K helps clotting blood to reduce excessive bleeding
Water Soluble
Vitamin C Helps with immunity and healing from diseases
B- Complex Helps turns food into energy and maintains stress
Niacin Helps out with digestion and promotes appetite
Folic Acid Helps with protein metabolism and heart disease prevention
Biotin Helps with depression, fatigue and lost of appetite
Vita-Tabs Vita tabs contains 8 minerals and 16 vitamins your pet needs to lead a healthy and extended life. It is liver base which provides a great source of protein plus a flavor all dogs can enjoy.
Canine Plus provides over 40 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, D, E and K as well as a complete set of B-complex and vitamin C. Canine Plus comes in chewable form for easy consumption for all dogs and puppies. Canine Plus
Pet-Tabs and Pet-Tabs Plus Pet tabs contains the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for pet health and is favored for years by veterinarians.
Nu Cat contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and digestive enzymes. It incorporates important factors necessary to feline health that are not always found in all cat food. Nu-Cat Liquid by Vetri-Science
Hi-Vite Drops Hi Vite drops is an easy way to give your pets essential vitamins for their healthy well being all in one drop.

Ceva Sante Animale Senilife A great supplement for aging pets is Senilife from Ceva Sante Animale. It has been clinically tested to prove that its natural blend of ingredients shows positive results just 7 days after use. Pets will have more interest in playing, following commands and improvement in night time moaning. Contains ingredients to improve cerebral blood circulation and maintains neuron functions in the aging brain.
Caniox-R is a potent all-natural antioxidant blend to promote a healthy and extended life for dogs. Caniox-R helps improve the metabolic process, improves digestion, stress, and promotes longevity and protection from age related diseases. Caniox-R Antioxidant Tablets
Animal Naturals K9 Young At Heart - Longevity & Anti Aging Animal Naturals K9 Young at Heart Longevity & Anti Aging supplement is designed to add more years to your dogís life. The supplement optimizes cellular water balance by helping hydrate older canine bodies, support mental function, eye and heart health.
Formulated specifically for cats, Ark Naturals Nu-Pet Cat Antioxidant is a powerful, easy to use, granular antioxidant. Help your cat achieve a high level of energy, alertness, and muscular-skeleton problems that are common to cats. Ark Naturals Nu-Pet Cat Antioxidant

No matter how young or old your pet is, it is time to take their health into consideration and start providing them with the nutrition they need. Help prolong their life with quality vitamins and supplements now!