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Proflora Probiotic Powder for Cats & Dogs

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Proflora™ Probiotic for Dogs for Dogs is a probiotic supplement that provides for and helps maintain a healthy bacterial balance in your dog's digestive tract. Use daily to help populate your dog's GI tract with beneficial bacteria that assist in digestion, ability to absorb nutrients, and overall immunity. Proflora Probiotic for Dogs supports normal digestion upset by food intolerances like poor diet or by antibiotics. Intended for supplemental feeding along with your dog's regular diet.

When administered daily, 200 million CFU of beneficial bacteria and the prebiotic, inulin, work to help your dog's gastrointestinal tract have the proper balance of healthy microorganisms. This special formulation contains 4 strains of live (viable) bacteria cultures that assist in healthy digestion and regularity and promotes intestinal well being.

The chicken liver flavor that dogs find tasty makes this probiotic easy to administer, while it supports the protective layer of the bowel and bowel health so that your dog can maintain normal stool consistency. Simply sprinkle over or mix with food and Proflora Probiotic for Dogs helps maintain proper microflora in the GI tract. This box comes with 30 doses of the supplement in individual packets.

    Key Features:
  • Contains 200 million CFU of beneficial bacteria
  • 4 unique strains of probiotics for optimal balance of microflora
  • Includes prebiotic inulin to work synergistically with probiotic blend
  • Comes with 30 packages of 1-gram doses to mix into your dog's food

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
17 Reviews
76% (13)
6% (1)
6% (1)
0% (0)
12% (2)
82% Recommend this product (14 of 17 responses)
By Honey
Wyckoff, NJ
A happier, healthier dog
April 11, 2018
My Shepherd mix has had digestive issues forever. Proflora works better than the brand my vet recommended to "calm" her stomach. Less vomiting bile, rare diarrhea. BTW, she's 14 years old! We're both much happier thanks to Fortiflora.
By Beachlove
Dog Loves
August 16, 2017
My vet recommended this after my dog had taken a long dose of antibiotics. He loves it. I sprinkle it on his food once a day and he is so excited and eats it right up. I feel it is helping his digestive system and I will be giving him this on a regular basis.
By Lisa
good price for this probiotic
March 26, 2017
I was using a different brand but decided to try this for my lab and he has done well on it. The price is more reasonable and it has more flora.
By rotten
Review for 3-PACK Proflora Probiotic for Dogs (90 Servings)
January 6, 2017
did not agree with my dog, seemed to make her stomach upset
By judyaustin
Boise, ID
Ellie likes it!
December 29, 2016
Our yellow lab laps it up with her breakfast every day, making sure she doesn't miss a flake.
By Doxiemom
Aids in keeping good bacteria strong
December 28, 2015
This easy to use Proflora probiotic is added to my dogs evening meal. He loves the flavor and it gives him the daily probiotic that he needs. This product is especially important for me to give him when he has had immunization shots, has had any type of surgeries-even dental cleaning or I feel like his immune system has been stressed by being put on prescription medications. I highly recommend this product. It was originally recommended to me by my veterinarian.
By mitzie
water soluble pro biotic
December 25, 2015
couldnot chew them does good with the water soluble pro biotic
By Jo
Toronto, ON
Very Good Poduct
November 25, 2015
I use this Probiotic for my old girl, she's 13 and 9 months. She's on medication to help her tummy and she needed some Probiotics. So I thought I would try this one, I just sprinkle it on her kibble and she LOVES it!
By Mieka
Proflora Probiotic
October 5, 2015
Haven't had it very long so can't say if its helping my 12 yr. old Border Collie. I personally don't like that its a powder, would rather feed it to her directly. Not likely I'll order it again.
By hockeymom
Trinity, FL
Great Probiotic
September 30, 2015
I have a rescue Bearded Collie that has a very sensitive stomach. Proflora is easy to use and is cheaper than other brands. I use this once a day and mix it into his food. Helps a lot.
By MC5
Very Good
July 21, 2015
For my dog this product works better than Fortiflora. But I have found these type of products to be very dependent on the individual. If Fortiflora isn't working give it a try. I will say that Fortiflora and ProFlora are the only two products of this type that ever worked (to varying degrees) for my dog. Several other of these types of products actually made his condition worse.
By PinkPawChi
Pp C
July 13, 2015
Great people to work with. Great, competive prices. I've been ordering from Entirely Pets for a while now. I recommend them to every one.
By rwh
Kirkland WA
works great - no more diarrhea
June 30, 2015
this proves to be the product we've needed since we rescued Hannah.
By Doxiemom
Replenish good bacteria
June 24, 2015
After dogs are on some medications, it is good to give them a probiotic to replenish their good flora in their system. I do this for myself, why wouldn't I give this equivalent to my dog. It's easy to mix with the dog food and he likes the taste. I would recommend this product, because it is so good for him.
Ontario Canada
Keeping them healthy!
March 26, 2015
Several years ago, my Vet suggested I give my dogs probiotics....the price through him was quite high. I found Proflora Probiotic for Dogs at Entirely Pets and was shocked at the price difference! This product helps keep the dogs - and I have 2 - very healthy. Worrying about gastrointestinal issues in a very harsh winter has always been a problem...but not this year. Proflora does aid in keeping these problems at bay. And the price is unbelievable. As usual, Entirely Pets comes through with the best prices and the best customer service!
By Michele M.
Quebec city, QC, Canada
A great improve for my dog
March 24, 2015
My golden retriever had digestion problems. He was often uncomfortable after eating. He had a lot of flatulences. After a few weeks of use, a sachet daily in the morning, he has no more flatulences.
By Mollylena
Laurel, DE
Will buy this product again.
January 16, 2015
Katy was throwing up and had very loose stools but since using Proflora all that has been gone. She is keeping everything down and her stools are much more solid. Great product.

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