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URINASE Stain & Odor Remover Ultra Enzyme (1 gal) Refill Pack

Item: U006233-4PK
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URINASE Stain & Odor Remover Ultra Enzyme is a cleaning product specifically designed to effectively remove stains and odors caused by pet urine. It utilizes a unique formula that combines enzymes and other cleaning agents to break down the urine molecules, eliminating both the stain and the accompanying odor.

Key Features:

  1. Enzymatic Action: Enzymes are bioactive substances that accelerate chemical reactions. In this stain and odor remover, specific enzymes are used to target and break down the components of urine, such as uric acid crystals and urea. These enzymes effectively digest the organic molecules, making it easier to remove stains and neutralize odors.
  2. Stain Removal: URINASE is designed to tackle various types of stains caused by pet urine, including those on carpets, upholstery, bedding, and other surfaces. By breaking down the urine molecules, it helps to lift and dissolve the stains, making them easier to clean and restore the affected area to its original condition.
  3. Odor Elimination: One of the primary concerns with urine stains is the persistent odor they leave behind. URINASE Stain & Odor Remover Ultra Enzyme addresses this issue by effectively neutralizing the odor molecules at their source. Instead of masking the smell, the enzymatic action of URINASE breaks down the odor-causing compounds, eliminating the unpleasant scent.
  4. Multi-Surface Application: URINASE can be used on a variety of surfaces, including carpets, rugs, fabrics, upholstery, tile, hardwood floors, and other water-safe materials. It is important to follow the product instructions and test it on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to larger surfaces.
  5. Easy to Use: The product typically comes in a spray or liquid form, making it convenient to apply directly to the affected area. It is recommended to blot or absorb excess urine before applying the stain and odor remover. After spraying or pouring the solution, it is advisable to allow it to penetrate the stain for a specific period of time as instructed on the product label. Finally, the treated area can be cleaned or blotted with a clean cloth or towel.
  6. Pet-Friendly: URINASE is specifically formulated to be safe for use around pets. However, it is always advisable to keep pets away from the treated area until it has completely dried to avoid ingestion or contact with the cleaning solution.

Overall, URINASE Stain & Odor Remover Ultra Enzyme is a powerful cleaning product designed to address the challenges of removing pet urine stains and odors. Its enzyme-based formula, along with other cleaning agents, helps break down the components of urine, effectively eliminating stains and neutralizing odors to restore freshness and cleanliness to your home.


Water, Alcohol Denat, (corn-derived solvent), Caprylyl Glucoside (plant-derived surfactant), Potassium Sorbate (plant-based, food grade preservative), Citric Acid (plant-based pH adjuster), Enzymatic Blend (soil remover), Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil.

Useful Information

  1. Preparation: Before applying the stain and odor remover, it is important to blot or absorb as much of the urine as possible using a clean cloth or paper towels. This helps to remove excess moisture and prevent the stain from spreading.
  2. Test in an inconspicuous area: It's always a good idea to test the product in a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to a larger surface. This ensures that the product is safe to use and does not cause any unwanted damage or discoloration.
  3. Application: Depending on the packaging of URINASE, follow the instructions for the specific application method (e.g., spray or liquid). Apply the stain and odor remover directly to the affected area, ensuring full coverage of the stain. If using a spray, hold the bottle about 6-8 inches away from the surface for an even application.
  4. Dwell time: Allow the product to penetrate and work on the stain. The dwell time can vary depending on the severity of the stain and the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It is usually recommended to let the product sit for a few minutes to allow the enzymes to break down the urine components effectively.
  5. Blot or clean the area: After the dwell time, use a clean cloth or paper towels to blot the treated area. Gently press the cloth onto the stain, absorbing the excess liquid and dissolved residue. For more stubborn stains, you may need to lightly scrub the area with a soft brush or sponge.
  6. Rinse or clean: After blotting, it is recommended to rinse the area with clean water or use a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue. This step helps to remove the cleaning solution and prevent any potential build-up on the surface.
  7. Drying: Allow the treated area to air dry completely. Keep pets and children away from the area until it is fully dry to avoid contact with the cleaning solution.

Note: It is essential to carefully read and follow the instructions provided on the product packaging of URINASE Stain & Odor Remover Ultra Enzyme, as specific instructions may vary based on the brand and formulation. Additionally, if you are dealing with a particularly old or stubborn stain, multiple applications may be required for optimal results.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
35 Reviews
71% (25)
14% (5)
9% (3)
3% (1)
3% (1)
89% Recommend this product (31 of 35 responses)
By Patty
Minneapolis, MN
Great purchase for always having this product on hand
March 17, 2021
I am a fan of vinegar for removing pet order but this product is even better.

Found this multi-pack of refill bottles when the site I originally bought the product from discontinued it. I was frantic when I couldn't reorder from the other place but finding it here in this quantity is even better. Works even better when I only partially fill the original bottle and shake thoroughly before squirting the area. Comes out as a foam that works better than just spraying the liquid form.
By Gary
Springfield, Ma.
URINASE Stain & Odor Remover Ultra Enzyme (32 fl oz)
January 4, 2021
Overall I'm pleased with the results of this product. I followed the directions on the bottle & it worked.
I would recommend to family & friends.
  • Got rid of the odor & the discoloration.
  • Haven't found one yet.
By Christine
October 13, 2020
It doesn't seem to work any better than any other enzyme we've used.
By Buffie H.
Birmingham, Al
Love this product!!
March 7, 2019
I have been using this product for a few years. It is awesome!! I really works to remove stains and odors from pet urine and feces. I will continue to buy this product and highly recommend it!!!
  • Removes stains and odors
By dj
las Vegas
April 2, 2017
I have used Urinase on tile, grout, concrete, and vinyl. It removes the stain, odor, and color quickly. Works better than a product from the Vet that is 4X more expensive!!!!
By Bea
Denver, CO
No more waste smell
October 30, 2016
I already reviewed the product as GREAT!! But this is the refill bottle that I bought. A better deal for the best product.
By love a.
October 26, 2016
I have several pets that live indoors and oops's happen. I have tried many things in the past and this has worked the best by far.
By Sandy
Works well on stains
October 24, 2016
I first used Urinase when I was pet sitting for a friend and one of her pets peed on my carpet. Urinase took the stain right up and also killed the odor. It definitely did a better job than the pet stain/odor remover product I was currently using. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has pets who have "accidents". It also works well on vomit.
By Bea
Denver, CO
Eliminates smell
October 23, 2016
This product works really well. Urine stains and odor are gone immediately.
It even works for when my dog scoots his rear glands--that really stinks and Urinase gets rid of the smell! I recommend it to everyone.
By Peggy
Baltimore, Md.
This works !!
July 22, 2016
This product removes the smell of cat urine. Having three cats who sometimes have accidents...I will never be without this product.
By elegalred
Cooper City, FL
Cat Urine - Stinky
April 8, 2016
I have 2 older cats and one is getting a little senile and tends to miss the litter box, urinating on the tile of corner of the carpet. Then the dog and the other cat are always sniffing around that area. Urinase gets rid of the stain and the smell and keeps the animals away from that area.
Brooklyn, NY
Excellent Product
August 9, 2015
I tried it on my sandals after stepping in a urine puddle. It worked immediately. I simply wiped the sandals down with Urinase and poof the odor was gone! Will buy again and have recommended it to my brother, an owner of five cats.
By Pegasus
April 11, 2015
This product works. For the rare occasions when my pup has accidents, it cleans it up with no after smell.
By Carol
Seattle, WA
Review for URINASE Stain & Odor Remover Ultra Enzyme Spray (22 fl oz)
April 10, 2015
I used this on some old and new stains and it really seems to work well. I will be buying this again.
By Weezeh
August 22, 2014
This product works better than anything else we've tried, even better than Nature's Miracle. And it works on more than urine stains/odors: cat & dog 'yack', dog B.O. from a Basset Hound, and more.
By Jen
This Product is Awesome!
June 14, 2014
I received a sample with my purchase and it is the best cleaner I have ever used to clean up accidents (and I have tried everything). I have 2 big dogs who leak sometimes when they sleep. I have used it everywhere in my house...on the rugs, hardwood floors, tiled floors. If you catch an accident right away it works the first time and the smell does not come back. Other products fix it for a while but then that "old urine smell" comes back. On older stains I find that you have to re-apply it a few times but eventually the smells do get eliminated - so don't give up!! I ordered 2 big bottles from Entirely Pets after I received the sample. It seems to work on other things as well, old blankets, dog smell in general, cars. Thanks for the sample this product has really made my home a much better smelling place!!!! I will always have this product in my house from now on!
By Veera S.
May 18, 2014
got this product as complimentary when i bought supplementary treats for my pet. works great. neutralizes urine odor. recommended for messy odors.
By emma
pet accidents
May 17, 2014
Sorry to say I have not used this-my rescue dog is not as fearful as she was when we got her, so we haven't had to use this product! glad to have it on hand, though!
By sunnyejk
Charlotte, NC
it works
May 14, 2014
I finally tried this, even on an old urine stain I'd had trouble getting out of a carpet in a seldom-used room. It took the discoloration and odor out and did not harm the carpet fiber. This is a great product.
By 'Mina
Pomona, CA
May 10, 2014
I too received this item as a freebee, and I was VERY skeptical. I mean, it's a tiny little bottle that states it will remove the smell of pet urine. (Psh! I've heard THAT before)

Well, I've had the bottle for a couple of months, and THANKFULLY have not had to use it...until tonite. SO I ACTUALLY read the instructions, and treated as suggested. It was a spot on the carpet, so I removed the initial liquid, sprayed the area, and allowed it to sit for 5-8 minutes. I went back, and dried the area, and (YES) I was curious so I tentatively smelled the towel. I WAS FLOORED! The ONLY thing that I could smell was the faint scent of laundry detergent that I had used.

For once; a product that does what it says it will. I guess when I place my next order of flea control, I will order a bottle of this product.

Thanks again, EntirelyPets.
Good job!!
By Sadie
No Smell no Return
May 6, 2014
One of my dogs has a "gotta go" problem...but using Urinase has helped in forcing him to alert me to his need to go outside. He knows better, but that somehow seems to hinder his memory.
By LilwithCats
Eugene, Oregon
May 2, 2014
This seems to help take care of the smell.
By Bart
Best fee sample!!
May 2, 2014
I received this as a freebee in my order. I would of never purchased this item, but I am so glad it came as a trial. Fantastic!! There is no odor when you spray and the odor from the pet disappears right away!! No need to soak the item either. Few sprays and the odor is gone. Just love it!! I will purchase this in the future. Thank-you for the sample!! (Just a note, I have 5 cats)
By miragecats
May 1, 2014
Took some odor away, but didn't get it all out.
Great product
May 1, 2014
Best product out of many I've bought! Smells are totally gone.
By nora
Great product
May 1, 2014
I received this as a sample, and will be purchasing more. We have a small dog and with this past winter he had a few accidents.

This product really worked well.
May 1, 2014
I was sent a free sample and I tried it on a spot my dog made while sick a week ago. I could not tell I had done anything so I went and got my carpet cleaner out.
By Ruby t.
Great product
April 28, 2014
This really works. I have tried several different products and have thrown them all away since I found this one. It has a pleasant odor and seems to discourage remarking.
By Debbie
Great product!
April 4, 2014
Our little rescue cat was on steroids for her recurring ear infections which prompted her to tinkle outside her litter box. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to clean it and get her to stop tinkling there. I had given up and was covering the places with plastic flooring pieces when I tried Urinase. So far she has not gone to the previously tinkled places and has only gone in the litter box. The Urinase cleaned, stain and odor wise, better than anything else I used.
By cat 1.
Good product
April 1, 2014
I have a problem with 1 cat who likes to wipe his butt on my light colored rug. This took a reg cleaning session with a brush & cleaner & propping up the rug to dry. With Urinase, a quick squirt & a dab with a sponge & it was gone (the mark). Also I didn't have to saturate the spot!

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