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Vet One Flea & Lice Comb

Item: IWM601025
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Vet One Flea & Lice Comb is specifically designed to remove fleas, lice and eggs from your pet with its fine-tooth comb. Features a double-sided comb with ring so you wont lose it! Easy to use, clean, and carry around.


Vet One Flea & Lice Comb are perfect for use on cats and short-haired dogs. The closely spaced teeth lift out fleas, lice, nits and debris. Ideal to use after flea and lice treatments, these combs are economical, easy to use and convenient to take anywhere. Plastic double-sided combs measure 3-1/2” long x 2” wide with wider spaced teeth on one side and narrower spaced teeth on the other side. Packaged in a dispensing jar of 36 colorful combs for countertop retail sale, complimentary dispensing to clients, or convenient everyday in-clinic use.

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