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Vet One Flea & Lice Comb

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One of the most integral parts of pet grooming routines is inspecting the fur for signs of lice and fleas. Petís often get these parasites from other animals or when they are playing outside. These tiny parasites can create a lot of itchy discomfort to your pet as well as spread vector-borne diseases. Long story short, you need to take lice and flea infestations very seriously. The first step is to arm yourself with a proper tool to safely remove fleas and lice from your petís fur. A Flea and lice comb allows you to scan through your petís fur and detect possible infestations.
A simple and effective tool such as the Vet One Flea & Lice Comb is an essential part of any pet grooming kit. The two rows of teeth allow you to comb out lice, fleas, and eggs. This fine-tooth comb has a proven design that effectively traps fleas and lice without causing any discomfort to your pet. The comb comes with two rows of teeth and a conveniently placed keychain hole for ease of carrying. Made from durable plastic, you can comb through tough tangles without the risk of breakage. Vet One Flea & Lice comb provides a cheap and non-toxic way of removing fleas and ticks.

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