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10 Summertime Activities For You And Your Dog

Summer is the favorite season for many people. Some people love summer because this is the time of the year when they can on vacation while others prefer summer because it allows them to get involved in some fun outdoor (or indoor) activities. Most pet owners agree that summer is the ideal time to have some fun with your dog. The following is a list of 10 fun summer activities you can do with your dog. Since summer days are usually hot, make sure that both you and your dog are safe from high temperatures.

1. Visit The Local Dog Parks
Almost every city and town have a dog park. Visiting a dog park will certainly make your dog happy and you will get a chance to relax while you are out. On top of that, you can meet other pet owners and socialize with them. Before visiting a park like this, make sure that your dog is vaccinated and that you are following the park’s rules.

2. Make Some Special Dog Popsicles
Let’s be clear – if there is one thing that all dogs love that has to be food. We all know how loyal and full of love dogs are when it comes to their owners, but by preparing some seasonal snacks you will give them one more reason to love you and respect you. There are special dog popsicles recipes found on the Internet or you can use frozen watermelon cubes as a treat.

3. Drive Together
Take a drive with your dog to some of the local natural attractions. Roll the windows down and enjoy the time spent together. The vast majority of dogs enjoy car rides as long as they can place their heads out of the car. The fact that they can see new things and smell new things makes them happy. Of course, people love the occasional change of scenery too.

4. Consider camping
Even though you can go camping throughout the year, summer is the best season to get involved in such activity. Find some beautiful camping site close to a lake, river or some national park and make sure that they allow dogs. Make a checklist and take all the stuff you and your dog needs (collar, leash, toys, food, water etc.) for a pleasant and memorable stay.

5. A Trip To The Beach
Another reason why people love summer is the fact that they can visit the beach and have some fun in the water. Find the closest beach that allows dogs and refresh yourself. It is a good idea to get some of the favorite toys of your dog like stuffed toys or Frisbees so you can toss them around on the beach. In case they don’t like games like these, they can always explore the sandy beaches or splash in the water.

6. Go On A Vacation
As previously mentioned, this is the right time for a holiday. Go on a vacation, but go to a place where you have never been before. Exploring new areas is good for the dog and for you. In case you are planning to go abroad, you will need vaccines and special passport for your dog. In addition, you need to find dog-friendly accommodation.

7. Create A Dog Walking Group
If you want to remain active and meet like-minded people, you can also create a dog walking group. Don’t forget that summer days can be quite hot, so pick the part of the day which is cooler (usually later evenings).

8. Go Fishing
No matter where you live, there is certainly a pond, lake or river close to your place. Take your dog and go fishing. Your dog will appreciate the day spent in the wilderness.

9. Make An Agility Course In Your Yard
Use the pleasant weather to create a do-it-yourself agility course in your yard. Cones, mesh tunnels, hula hoops – these are some of the pieces of equipment you can use.

10. Start A Healthy Diet
Finally, the summer is the perfect time to start a new healthy diet. Learn more about what healthy diet means to your dog and start dieting together with your dog.

About the Author:

Erik Thompson works to keep his pets happy in their homes by providing them with comfortable and cozy crates.

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