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4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)

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Fleas are more than just pesky parasites that cause skin irritations. They populate quickly and can spread life-threatening conditions. The only sure-fire way to know if your cat has fleas is by checking manually using a comb. Excessive scratching and nibbling of the skin are also signs that your cat might be infested. Once fleas are detected, you should waste no time and employ a quality product such as Advantage II by Bayer to treat the problem. This particular product is specially made for cats which weigh above 9lbs. Each pack contains 4 tubes, once for every month. Its 3-way special action formula prevents the growth of larvae and eggs while killing adult fleas.

Post application you can set your cat free to roam around without any worry. Its waterproof formula ensures the solution does not wash off even if your cat comes in close contact with water.


There are two ingredients that make Advantage II highly effective in breaking the life cycle of fleas and preventing future infestations. The product contains Imidacloprid, which is a neurotoxin that kills adult fleas. It also contains Pyriproxyfen which attacks fleas at its larval and egg stage.

Useful Information

Applying the Advantage II is pretty easy. However, be sure to read the precautionary information and application information on the box. To administer the product simply unwrap a pouch to take out the tube inside. Keeping it away from your face, open the plastic cap. Reverse the cap and press it back on top of the applicator nozzle. This should break the seal. With your face turned towards your cat's back, carefully separate the hair at the base of its skull. Once the skin is exposed, squeeze out the entire dosage directly on the skin.

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