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6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs) Video

6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)

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Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat Unless you take preventive measures using a high-quality anti-flea product there is no real way of preventing flea infestations in your cat. Cats often get fleas from other cats or while they are playing out in the backyard. Fleas can not only cause skin irritation, but they are also carriers of dangerous pathogens. Advantage II by Bayer is a great product that can be applied to eliminate existing flea population and as a preventive. This purple pack Advantage is specially formulated for large cats weighing over 9lbs. The product launches a 3-pronged attack by simultaneously destroying adult fleas, larvae, and eggs.

The product’s advanced formulation is completely waterproof, which means your cat is free to roam and be in contact with water. The pack contains two tubes which provide two-month protection against fleas.

    Key Benefits:
  • Veterinarian-recommended treatment kills all life stages of fleas on kittens and cats 8 weeks or older and weighing over 9 pounds.
  • Begins working within 12 hours to kill fleas on contact with no painful biting required.
  • Kills eggs, larvae and adult fleas to break the life-cycle and help prevent re-infestation
  • Waterproof formula continues working for up to four weeks, even after bathing.
  • Convenient, monthly topical application contains imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen


Active Ingredients by Weight
Imidacloprid 9.10%
Pyriproxyfen 0.46%
Other Ingredients 90.44%
Total 100.00%

Useful Information

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

    How To Open:
  • Be sure tube is at the bottom of pouch.
  • Using scissors, cut the pouch across the top and remove tube.
    How to Apply
  • Remove one applicator tube from the package. See "HOW TO OPEN" section
  • Hold application to be in an upright position facing away from you and your pet's face and eyes. Pull the cap off tube.
  • Turn the cap around and place other ends of cap back on tube.
  • Twist cap to break the seal, then remove the cap from tube.
  • Part the hair on the neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube to expel the entire contents directly on the skin. Do not get this product in your cat’s eyes, or allow your cat to ingest this product. The product is bitter tasting and salivation may occur for a short time if the cat licks the product immediately after treatment. Treatment at the base of the skull will minimize the opportunity for the cat to lick the product. Do not allow the product to run off.
  • Discard empty tube as described in Storage and Disposal.
  • Under normal conditions this product is effective for a month. However, in cases of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four (4) weeks. Do not retreat more often than once every fourteen (14) days for kittens or once every seven (7) days for small and large cats. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly retreatment schedule.
  • Use only on cats or kittens 8 weeks and older. Do not apply to cats or kittens weighing less than 9 lbs. Do not use on other animals.
  • Do not apply more than one (1) tube per treatment, even for larger cats.
  • Do not have contact or allow children to have contact with treated area until completely dry.

CAUTIONS: Harmful if swallowed. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes or clothing. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water handling. Keep out of reach of children. Do not contaminate feed or food.


For external use only. Do not apply to cats or kittens 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 9 lbs. As with any product, consult your veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing cats. Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using ANY pesticide product for cats. If signs persist or become more severe, consult a veterinarian immediately. If your cat is on medication, consult your veterinarian before using this or any other product.

Side Effects: Monitor your cat after application. Side effects, although very rare, may include signs of skin irritation such as redness, scratching, or other signs of discomfort. Gastrointestinal signs such as hypersalivation, vomiting or diarrhea have also been reported. If these or other side effects (such as lethargy) occur, consult your veterinarian or call 1-800-422-9874.

Customer Reviews

129 Reviews
77% (99)
14% (18)
5% (6)
2% (2)
3% (4)
94% Recommend this product (121 of 129 responses)
By Harvey
September 24, 2018
Will definitely purchase from again works great....
By Connie
July 5, 2018
Excellent Value
I've checked prices and Entirely Pets always beats the others for same products. Fast, fast delivery. I've been ordering for years and have always been happy. Highly recommended.
ProsNo need to walk the pet always insi
ConsLitter box, of course!
By Tiger
September 2, 2017
Completely satisfied
Works great, even on the barn cats! I will get it again.
By mamabear
July 22, 2017
advantage flea control
I have 3 adult cats, and never have a flea problem with them, they are inside/outside cats.
By Mikie
Southern California
July 13, 2017
flea control for kitty
Sassy is 10 years old and with this product has never had fleas or any parasite.
By Coley
port hope, Ontario, canada
May 16, 2017
guaranteed prevention
Excellent. Wouldn't buy any other brand. Keeps my household flea free all year long. I have 4 cats. 16 year old female, 9yr old male, 5yr old female, one yr old male. They all go outside and are flea free guaranteed.
By Kitty L.
April 6, 2017
Works great
I've been using this product for years. I love how my kitties don't scratch from fleas bites!
By grannypal
Plant City, Florida
December 29, 2016
Great protection
The cats have used this product for many years because it works.
By kponton
Long Island, New York
October 21, 2016
Keeps fleas away!!!!!
I have three cats that go outside all year round. They especially enjoy the warm summer air. I have to say that I have been using Advantage II since it came out (I was using Advantage before) and the cats have never had fleas. I notice that Advantage also repels other insects from landing on the cats like gnats and mosquitos. My cats do not know what fleas are thanks to Advantage. I usually buy the 12th month supply which is only a 4 month supply for my crew.
By Midnight
St. Petersburg Florida
September 22, 2015
This product has kept Midnight flea free for
many years and highly recommend it.
By New o.
August 23, 2015
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
We just used this product for the first time and so far so good. We ordered it because it was recommended to us, and we read really good reviews about it.
Wellington KS
August 13, 2015
No worries
I treat my indoor/outdoor cat with Advantage II and have had no worries about fleas brought into the house. When she adopted me she was covered with fleas. One treatment took care of them and we have continued with them every month since then. Easy to apply and it does last at least a month. It is easy to renew my stock through Entirely Pets.
By Lissa
Myrtle Beach, SC
July 28, 2015
Great Product
This topical for fleas and ticks is the best. I have never had a problem with this product, my cats are not sensitive to it, it is just great. Hope to never be out of it.
By spchnc
Sanford, NC
July 20, 2015
Good purchase
Solve the flea problem on the cats w/in a day. Very satisfied w/this product.
By Tom
Vista, CA
July 8, 2015
Advantage II for large cats
We have been using Advantage II for large cats for at least 6 years and have been very pleased with the protection it provides, especially since Red is an indoor/outdoor cat.
June 30, 2015
An Advantage using Advantage II
This was the brand recommended by our Vet. This price is cheaper than prices locally. Used this on our 8 cats; one of which got deathly ill on another brand. Advantage II has proven safe on our animals and we have not had flea problems.
By sheri
March 31, 2015
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
good product, great price. Always satisfied with Entirely Pets!
By Bill
Ontario Canada
February 24, 2015
Used for several years
Never have we seen a flea and only once a tic
By JimInPA
Camp Hill, PA
February 20, 2015
Effective flea control
Worked after Frontline stopped working. Don't know if fleas build up an immunity to a product's chemicals or not.
By wrayware
January 19, 2015
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
Worked great,much less expensive than local purchase.
New Smyrna Beach, FL
September 19, 2014
At Last! No fleas!!
I have ten indoor/outdoor cats. Fleas have been a problem until we got them under complete control thanks to Advantage II. I have tried other flea control products but none have been as effective as Advantage II. I definitely plan on ordering more!
By Brandon
September 16, 2014
its awesome
great price , great time delivered , quality product
By SWahl
August 18, 2014
This product works very well for our LARGE cat. He weight over 15 pounds.
By jcallen
Harrisburg, PA
July 25, 2014
Very effective
does the job as a flea and tick preventative, and has a pleasant smell besides...:)
By Moo
June 8, 2014
Works if I space it out
If i give advantage to my cat monthly, it does not work after the first month. The fleas seem to develop an immunity. However, if I space it out a few months, then it works.
By Cats R.
Fairfield, ME
May 11, 2014
Advantage II Flea Control
This stuff works. If fleas are invading your cat and home then this product will work. I have been waiting for them to come out with a tick and flea for cats but only see it for the dogs. But this works so good on my cats that I prefer it over the other leading brands. Just works that well. On one day and fleas dead the next and gone forever with the proper use of this product. I also find that each application last longer than a month so I stretch it out a little but never over 2 months especially during high flea season.
By jackie
May 9, 2014
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
Our cat is an inside outside cat and has come in with a few ticks on his fur but not into his skin. We are please with the product and would recommend it.
By cg
April 2, 2014
flea treatment
i love buying this product works well my cats are indoor but i still treat them seems to do the job
By Andy-man
Cincinnati, OH.
March 27, 2014
Good Stuff!
I had been buying Frontline for years. It became ineffective with fleas. I came across the Advantage brand and heard only good things about it. Ever since using Advantage, I've had no flea issues!
By AnonymousJohnDoe
March 27, 2014
Good Flea Control Medication
It took care of the flea problem my cats had quickly.

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