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Eyenimal Waterproof Remote Trainer Extra Dog Collar

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Eyenimal Remote Trainer Extra Dog Collar is a handy essential for your dog training needs. This collar is seamlessly compatible with any remote control from the Eyenimal brand of training systems and can be used to help address any behavioral or command issues with your furry friend. The five different static settings allow you to switch between which level your canine companion needs to experience at the moment and the high-quality strap is washable for long-lasting use.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for training your canine companion.
  • Pairs paw-fectly with the Eyenimal remote control training system.
  • Made with a high-quality washable strap that's built to last.
  • Designed to work with your Eyenimal remote control.
  • Features 5 different levels of stimulation including a warning beep.

Useful Information


Avoid cleaning the unit with volatile liquids such as solvents or cleaning fluids. Use a soft cloth and neutral detergent. In order to maintain water tightness, we recommend the replacement of the seal located in the receiver collar every year.


Should your product stop working or develop a fault, first read this guide over, then check the batteries and replace them if necessary and retry. Also check that you are using the product correctly. If you encounter any problem, re-code the receiver collar with the remote control (ref. Coding procedure). Re-initialize the system as follows:

  • Remove the collar battery from its housing With a metallic tool (e.g. screwdriver, scissors) touch each of the 2 battery contacts for 2 seconds approximately
  • Insert the battery again: one beep is emitted indicating the battery is in correct position
  • Restart your receiver collar using the remote control

If the problem persists, contact your retailer. You can also contact EYENIMAL by Email

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