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Tick Twister

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Ticks are more than just parasitic creatures that feed on your pet's blood. They often carry deadly pathogens which cause ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain fever, and other diseases. This is exactly why you need to take swift action whenever you spot a tick on your pet's fur. Removing ticks safely and effectively is an essential part of tick control. Some pet parents commit the mistake of removing ticks by hand as some tick-borne diseases can affect humans. The easiest and safest way to remove ticks is by using a quality tick removal tool like the ZenPet Tick Twister Pro. This simple tool helps remove attached ticks from humans, dogs, cats, and horses.
Its crowbar-like design holds on to the tickís body allowing you to detach it gently without squashing it. Users need to hook the ticks using the tool and gently twist it to detach it from the skin. The product comes with a keychain hole, which makes it easier to carry around when going out for hiking or camping. Tick Twister by ZenPet comes with an easy-grip handle and a textured grip for ease of usage. Tick Twister is an essential tool for anyone looking for an easy and non-toxic way to remove ticks from their petís bodies.

Read the instructions to learn how to properly use the Tick Twister. We also recommend cleaning the tool with alcohol after usage. At EntirelyPets we put your petís need first by featuring quality products and offering great discounts. Browse through our pages to find everything you need to keep your beloved pet happy and healthy.

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