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The Tick Key

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If your pet loves the outdoors and socializing with other animals then there is high-risk of it getting infested with ticks. Excessive scratching and head shaking can all be signs of tick infestations. As a pet parent, you need to be ready with the right tick removal tools. Some pet owners make the mistake of using their bare hands to pluck out the ticks from their petís skin. This is a mistake because ticks are carriers of pathogens, which can cause diseases to both pets and humans. Relying on a quality tick removal tool such as the Tick Key allows you to remove the ticks without the associated risks. Hugely popular among pet parents, the Tick Key uses its unique design to remove all types of ticks easily and safety. This product is made from high-grade anodized aluminium which greatly adds to its durability.
Using the Tick Key you can safely remove ticks without the risk of crushing it or detaching its head. Read the instructions in the box to learn how to use the Tick Key properly. We also recommend disinfecting the key with alcohol after usage. The Tick Key is a great removal tool and an essential for any pet parents who want to employ a non-toxic method to combat ticks.

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