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BONIES® Natural Calming Formula SMALL SINGLE BONE (0.81 oz) Video

BONIES® Natural Calming Formula SMALL SINGLE BONE (0.81 oz)

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Bonies All-Natural bones are unique treats that use all-natural ingredients to promote fresh breath. Each ingredient is carefully selected by our board-certified animal nutritionist to ensure safety, enjoyment and digestibility while benefiting your dog's health. Bonies contain zero saturated and trans-fat without any animal by-products such as gelatin and animal glycerin. Bonies Calming Formula contains chamomile and lavender to help with pet anxiety, nervousness, frayed nerves, excessive barking, abnormal urine marking, and trembling. Bonies come in four convenient sizes to accommodate any dog: mini for dogs 5-15 lbs, small for dogs 15-25 lbs, medium for dogs 25-50 lbs, and large/regular for dogs 50 lbs and up.

  • HEALTHY TEETH & FRESH BREATH: Bonies chew bones are formulated to be hard enough to scrape and polish teeth and freshen nasty breath.
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The main ingredient is brown rice, which makes the chew bone easily digestible and breaks down easily in water. We use US chicken livers to provide the delicious chicken taste that dog's love!
  • CALMING FORMULA: Our Bonies Calming Formula contains chamomile and lavender to help with anxiety, excessive barking, trembling, and other symptoms caused by stressful situations.
  • FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES: Bonies are available in four sizes to accommodate any dog! These are great chew bones to give your pup as part of their dental care routine or as healthy treat.
  • BONIES CARRIES A 100% PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Try Bonies without worry! You may return the product for a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.



Crude Protein 6.0% min
Crude Fat 2.5% min-3.5% max
Crude Fiber 2.0% max
Moisture 14.0% max
Ash 4.0% max
Sodium 0.55% min-0.65% max
Omega 3 Fatty Acids 20.0 mg min
Omega 6 Fatty Acids 40.0 mg min

Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour, Rice Flour, Glycerin, Water, Tapioca Starch, Pea Flour, Natural Chicken Flavor, Carrageenan (Natural Seaweed Extract) Gum, Calcium Carbonate, Brewers Dried Yeast, Lecithin, Parsley Powder, Citric Acid, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Mixed Topcopherols (source of vitamin E).

Useful Information

Feed 1 to 2 bones daily as a healthy and 100% natural treat to help maintain healthy hips, joints, and clean teeth. Always supervise your dog to ensure that the treat is adequately chewed. Have fresh, clean water accessible. Not recommended for dogs under 6 months.

Customer Reviews

41 Reviews
83% (34)
10% (4)
2% (1)
5% (2)
0% (0)
93% Recommend this product (38 of 41 responses)
By Jsoej
February 20, 2019
All of them are made from the same INGREDIENTS. They love them. So it doesn't matter which one you buy you get all of the benefits!!!!
By BrendaHW
Bowling Green, Ky.
April 9, 2018
Great product!
My Yorkie expects her bonie every night (9:00 pm) She will stare at me when it gets near that time. I tell 'in a little while' if she is early. She loves her Bonie's!
January 30, 2017
Yogi Loves Bonies
These are absolutely the best! Our little Yogi loves them and his breath smells nice. His teeth look great too.
By gold
August 3, 2016
BONIES Natural Calming Formula Multi-Pack SMALL 3-
it looks good. my pet like it. If I have a chance I buy it.
By Cher
Grass Lake Mi
April 24, 2016
Calming bones
They love them. I got some to try now we are going to reorder
By Doodlr
New York, NY
April 6, 2016
Great treat
Love Bonies, use all formulas but the calm ones are great right before a storm or long car ride.
February 29, 2016
Bowling Green, Ky.
January 18, 2016
Best bedtime treat
My Yorkie loves these Bonies. She waits & stares at me around 9:00 every night! She runs to the kitchen when I say it's "Bonie time"! Hope they stay in stock!
Bowling Green, Ky.
January 11, 2016
Bedtime treat
My 2 yr old Yorkie loves her Bonies! She waits for it every night staring up at me till it's 9:00pm, when I say "it's Bonie time!" She runs to the kitchen with me so excited! ( they were back ordered for mos. had to find a lesser quality one) Glad to have them back!
November 23, 2015
We have tried numerous treats but the biggest hit is for the Bonies - Doesn't matter which type, calming, bone & joint, dental.
We have 9 King Charles Cavaliers and each one of them loves their bonies. It is a daily ritual for them to have them , then go outside and then have their nap. We can never run out of bonies.
By Teddys M.
October 7, 2015
Another great treat
My dog is diabetic. This is a low cal treat that takes him a long time to chew up. He really likes these.
By Laura
Port Orchard, WA
September 30, 2015
Mellows my sensitive Lhasa out!
Great Product. My dogs love them and they keep their teeth clean from chewing and also calms my 2 dogs that have stress issues.
By Kate
June 9, 2015
bones natural calming small
Perfect for my 3 month old small dog puppy. Older sister likes them, but doesn't love them, but she doesn't have teething issues either. They are digested in about 10 - 15 minutes. Not sure if the chewing or some ingredient is calming, but they are not hyper afterwards at any rate.Would buy again.
My only complaint was the shipping... because it was a larger box there were shipping issues NOT stated on the order form. Delayed delivery and in the end, made shipping more costly.
By Hap
May 10, 2015
Very satisfied customer
My 3 dogs are very happy with these calming bones.
Bowling Green, Ky.
March 23, 2015
Great calming treat
My Yorkie loves these treats! She gets one every night before bedtime. She can hardly wait, looks at me hoping it's time until I say" Bony time"! Buying in bulk saves me money.
By mom
Columbus OH
January 23, 2015
Bonies Natural Calming
I love these calming bonies. Since I have 3 poms, they can get active when I leave house. I prefer the minis for my pets. I will continue to buy these, for they are good for them.
By Pointer M.
NE Ohio
September 22, 2014
My Dogs Are Fans
I received these as a promotional item and I can definitely say, my dogs are big fans and I'll be buying them again!
By kd
September 13, 2014
Better Than Brushing Dog's Teeth!
Been treating my dogs to Bonies for years! Never have needed to have their teeth cleaned by our vet! Sadly, price did go up $10.00 recently.
By Just D.
Grand Prairie, TX
September 4, 2014
Very Digestible
I've had problems with other chew treats causing blockages with my rat terrier, Dufus. However, he loves the Bonies and doesn't seem to have the same problem. I'm thrilled. I don't know yet if they'll keep his teeth any cleaner, but he enjoys them without having the intestinal issues so I'm happy. Two thumbs up! :)
By BostonLover
Oviedo, FL
April 23, 2014
Calms my dog with Separation Anxiety
All my dogs love these bones but the one I see that it makes a difference is the one that has separation anxiety. It will keep him busy as I slip out the door undetected and the ingredients keep him calmer than when he is not ingesting one of these.
By alexi611
April 19, 2014
Calming bonies
This bonies are great for my dogs, they do love them, are practical and good for snacks, it is a joy to see them jumping when I give them one as for me it is better than many other comercial staff out there that has so many things that my dogs don't need in their systems.
This is a much better choice
By Equality6
Virgin Islands
March 4, 2014
No calming effect
I ordered these little treats for my very anxious 14-year-old, 13 pound bichon frise. I was hoping that giving her one of them after her dinner would keep her busy for a while and calm her a bit. Well, she apparently thinks they taste good because she chews her Bonie right up within about 60 seconds. So much for keeping her busy. And there is absolutely no calming effect at all. So, I would not recommend these to a friend for any calming effect since they didn't have one on my dog.
By alexi611
February 26, 2014
I use to give my dogs rawhide chips but it was a problem with it, so I change for this bonies and they are great, plus by now my dogs don't seem to miss the others, so I am please as this are much better for them. Service is great and get them in a big box is a better deal
By Kel
February 2, 2014
Review for BONIES® Natural Calming Formula SMALL SINGLE BONE (0.81 oz)
I have a pug and these bones are perfect for him. I gave him one and he was busy chewing for hours!!
By ljb
Concord NC
January 31, 2014
I have 2 small dogs that are not actually very hyper. But they do have their moments! I have given these calming Bonies & they eat them quite well but as far as any actual calming effect, I don't see much. The 'small' size Bonie is quite a bit larger than I expected - my dogs are about 14 lbs & it is a big sized treat for them. Would be worth it if it worked, but the results are questionable. I doubt if I will purchase again.
By kathryn
chattanooga, tn
December 22, 2013
great treat
My dog likes these so much that he goes over to the area of the kitchen where they are kep, jumps up and whines, hoping someone will hear him and get one of the bones out for him.
By Gigi
Nashville, TN
October 12, 2013
Well liked by three dogs
These are the only "treats" we feed our dogs - one a day before we leave every morning. Can't vouch for the 'calming' effect, but it can't hurt!
By brassy
October 1, 2013
my dog loved it!
2 thumbs up, bought it on a whim turned out to be loved by him!
By sandyj
SE Michigan
September 27, 2013
Works Great
Barney has anxiety every so often. He is not ill but gets whining at times and is annoying. I have tried various things without success. I bought him the Calming Bonies and they work. He actually looks forward to having one in the afternoon and after he has it he is no longer whining and is pleasant to be around. They don't make him zombie-like but just seem to soothe him.
By Marhol
July 5, 2013
My two Shih Tzus love these! Whenever I pick up the bag to give them one they go crazy, bouncing and jumping. Once they get them they each go off in their own direction to enjoy them. They're almost like doggie pacifiers. I also like the fact that they're made in the U.S.

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