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Seasonal Feature: Fleas & Ticks

Seasonal Feature: Fleas & Ticks
The Summer is one of the most important seasons to protect your pets from these pesky and potentially harmful parasites. Entirely Pets can supply everything you need to control fleas and ticks on pets and livestock as well as in yards and premises. Re-Stock and be ready to help your pets fight off these unwanted guests.
Frontline For
Dogs | Cats

Advantage Flea Control
Dogs | Cats

Advantage Flea Control
K9 Advantix
Advantix II
Topicals Collars
Effitix for Dogs Preventic Tick Collar
EffiPro for Cats  
PetArmor Premise & Yard
  Yard Spray Concentrate by Virbac
Shampoos Adams™ Home & Yard Treatments
Advantage Treatment Shampoos  
Ovitrol Plus Flea/Tick Shampoo Foggers
Zodiac Flea and Tick Shampoo Siphotrol Plus Fogger
Mycodex Shampoo with 3X Pyrethrins Zodiac Fogger
  Advantage Household Fogger
Advantage Treatment Sprays Removers
Frontline Spray Tick Twister
Adams™ Spray The Tick Key
Mycodex All-In-One Millers Forge Deluxe Flea Comb
Adam's Flea & Tick Shampoo and Dip
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