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Advantage II Flea Control for Dogs & Cats

The new and improved Advantage II now offers complete flea protection for pets. It also offers lice protection for your dog. Advantage II gives your pet a safe solution that only needs to be applied once a month.! This formula will kill fleas completely by eliminating their eggs and larvae by using a variety of ingredients and compounds. It contains a fast-acting formula that kills fleas quickly and prevents them from returning.

Advantage II uses the compound pyriproxyfen to kill fleas and other insects by interfering with their maturity cycle. Targeting insects, pyriproxyfen does not affect mammals. Other flea killing properties like adulticidal, larvicidal, and ovicidal kill fleas and prevent them from emerging again. Imidacloprid paralyzes fleas so they are killed before biting your pet and also reduce the incidence of flea-related allergies.